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Organizational Diagnosis Essay

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Any business that is hoping to excel needs to count on two things, its people, and its processes. These both are an integral part of how a business can growth in developed into a strong system.

When your employees have a sense of ownership they tend to be more invested, and they can focus their drive to achieve departmentally, and agency goals. People who have they are tasked entrusted to them tend to make more direct and controlled plans to achieve what they need to do. If they have a focus and the tools needed to succeed, then they can overcome almost any obstacle.

If you demonstrate the ability to remain optimistic, then it will affect your employees. If you stay focus and ...view middle of the document...

If people focus more on the tools and not the people, this can lead to unnecessary stress, and make people feel isolated because they do know who they can turn to for help. There is also a profound effect on how companies will and can do business, as a number of ethical issues will often need to be addressed to deal with information sharing and secrecy which is needed in the business world. Technologies that are commonly employed can be used as excellent collaboration tools, but can also if not monitored, can stunt intellectual growth, and promote or contribute to various unethical behaviors. It is especially true in the HR realm of businesses.
Some of these issues or examples no how technology can negatively affect human behaviors are simple things like trusting in the machine a little too much. Even if you think some numbers look wrong... you ignore it and take a risk because the computer cannot be wrong. Not information properly, as in the area of email it is often very hard to say what you mean when dealing with people, the social cues we develop are not there in the text. Inappropriate material such as anything with sexist or racists' material can easily be spread thought...

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