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Organizational Dna: The Pacific Northwest Police Department

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Organizational DNA
There is change trying to happen, in a rural Pacific Northwest police department (PD) that is nestled in the corner of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. This Department serves a diverse population of 9000 people and encompasses roughly 4 mi.², as well as being surrounded by water on three of those four sides. When evaluating police departments, according to the state and national averages it is undersized for the population it serves. As one would expect it is a department with a long and rich 126-year history JCHS (2014). As well, as with the majority of all municipal departments, it has suffered its ups and downs, as well as suffering and prospering through healthy and poor administrations.
Organizational environment
This is a picture of the organizational environment that encompasses the PD, Butterfield & Ferris (1974). The PD offers a wide variety of services to its community to include school resource officer, Detective services, loss prevention and mitigation services, domestic violence training, vacation house checks, background checks for public and private sector employees, as well as all of the other normal functions a Police Department would offer to its community. The mission Butterfield & Ferris (1974) of the PD, is to protect the community at large and to develop and maintain a good working relationship with businesses, the public, and its visitors as well as its detractors.
The PD’s values and core competencies are honesty, integrity and value of service. The PD retains several officers who in and of themselves make up several of the core competencies within the PD. Those include Physical Techniques Master instructor, Master Taser instructor, Master Physical Fitness instructor, Master Emergency Vehicle Operator instructor, as well as our RADD instructor and CIT instructors. This is a group of super qualified instructors that no other department on the whole of the Olympic Peninsula possesses, or can utilize for self-training. The PD has a minimum of one officer who specializes in all of law enforcement’s core competencies, as well as being able to utilize the majority of all modern technologies that progressive and modern police agencies utilize, NIST (2010).
Organizational situation
As modern police agencies go, the PD cannot be considered competitive, or in a competitive position with relative to other PD’s due to gross fiscal restrictions brought on by the financial solvency of the city government. The size of the PD and the growth of the PD has been significantly retarded due to those fiscal restrictions that most small town agencies and municipalities are experiencing due to the current economic state of the union.
The PD does, however, enjoy a brisk business due to the frequency and nature of the criminal activity within the PD’s jurisdiction. The challenges brought on by the frequency of that crime has not been offset by the ability to employ additional officers to satisfy the strategic...

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