Organizational Ethics Week 4 Essay

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Running Head: PERSONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICSPersonal and Organizational Ethics[Writer Name][Institute Name][Course name and number][Name of paper][Instructor's name][Date submitted] Personal and Organizational EthicsIntroductionOne Tuesday my supervisor asked me to come in to her office so we could discuss these activities. She told me that I needed to not go to the office after hours and that I would need to just come get my paperwork together in the mornings. I was okay with this because I wanted to do things the way they wanted me too. I did not see the difference with the way I was doing things but I went along with them and did it the way they wanted me too.DiscussionThe following Thursday I was handed back about 15 hours worth of time sheets that I had worked prior and there was a note stuck to the sheets saying that we had discussed these and so they were giving them back to me. I was furious because they were not going to pay me for the time that I had already worked and they did not tell me this until after I was already expecting a check with those hours on it. In order to resolve this I went to the administrator who would be the one that would be able to make the changes. She said that she would not pay me for the hours I already worked and that I would just have to learn to not come in after hours and do my work. To resolve this injustice I turned in my resignation and told them that if they were not going to pay me for hours I had already worked that I would just find somewhere else to work.Everyone said they understood why I was leaving but no one wanted to do anything about it. I ended up getting a much better job that paid more and was much easier to do and I am happy now that I did end up leaving that place of employment. In my workplace I do not have any examples of love being abused, but I do know of some instances at my mother in...

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1624 words - 6 pages Introduction The purpose of this paper is to examine leadership ethical views in different cultural and organizational setting. The researcher will compare and contrast leadership ethics in different cultural and organizational settings. Finally, the researcher will provide a conclusion. Leadership Ethical Views in Different Cultural and Organizational Setting According to Razzano and Nelson (2008) Siemens AG which is a transnational

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1114 words - 4 pages :// Marlin, S. & Whiting, R. (2005). Sarbox Isn't Just for the Big Guys. Information Week; July 4, 2005. 1046. ABI/INFORM Global. Pg. 49. Retrieved August 8, 2005 from the ProQuest Database. Nimwegen, T., Soeters, J. & vanLuijk, H. (2004). Managing Values and Ethics in an International Bank. April 2004. Vol 4, Iss. 1, pg. 101. para 13. Retrieved August 8, 2005 from the ProQuest Database. Verizon Communications, (2005). Investor Relations Corporate Governance. Retrieved August 8, 2005 from:

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2415 words - 10 pages the Utilitarianism's description of good thing and it can be examined from two ways which are the effects of ethic and social responsibility on organizational performance and non-consequentiality theories.Effects of ethics and social responsibilityThere are evidence emerging that corporate who focuses on social-environmental performance may be strongly associated with financial and marketplace success (Failback & Gorman, 2004). While it is


1263 words - 6 pages Kim, S.-Y., & Park, H. (2011). Corporate Social Responsibility as an Organizational Attractiveness for Prospective Public Relations Practitioners. Journal of Business Ethics, 103(4), 639–653. doi:10.1007/s10551-011-0886-x Koh, H. C., & Boo, E. H. Y. (2001). The Link Between Organizational Ethics and Job Satisfaction: A Study of Managers in Singapore. Journal of Business Ethics, 29(4), 309–324. doi:10.1023/A:1010741519818 NSF. (2009, June 29

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1632 words - 7 pages and hostile work environments, 4) Privacy, 5) Security (systems and data), and 6) Intellectual property piracy, protection, and infringement (pp. 380-81). Similarly, Mingers and Walsham (2010) found “privacy and personal information, intellectual property, globalization, challenges of the Internet, freedom and censorship, the digital divide, and Internet research ethics to name but a few” (p. 838). The development of a code of ethics

city bus

632 words - 3 pages Workforce (Ch. 4)  Social Responsibility and Ethics (Ch. 5)  Change and Innovation (Ch. 6) Assignment 1 (10%) 5 & 6 Decision Making  Managers and Decision-Making (Ch. 7) Planning  Foundations of Planning (Ch. 8) Lecture Review 1 (3%) 7 Strategic Management  Managers and Strategic Management (Ch. 9) Assignment 2 (10%) MID SEMESTER BREAK 8 & 9 Organizing  Foundations of Organizational Design (Ch. 10

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1251 words - 5 pages political and ideological principles which determine its approach to the employees, clients and competitors.4.Rules of the game: behavioral rules, traditions and limitations which should be quickly learned by a new employee in order to be a valuable member.5.Organizational climate: the feeling determined by people and ways of interaction between members, with clients or other representatives of outside environment. Verbos, Gerard, Forshey, Harding

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1227 words - 5 pages objective and/or reputation of a organization that has much camaraderie among workers. Benefits of managing ethics in the workplace are nine important factors (McNamara): 1. Attention to business ethics has substantially improved society 2. Ethics programs help maintain a moral course in turbulent times. 3. Ethics programs cultivate strong teamwork and productivity 4. Ethics programs support employee growth and meaning 5. Ethics programs are

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857 words - 3 pages includes many examples of good and bad actions taken by companies.Benefits of Managing Ethics as a ProgramThere are numerous benefits in formally managing ethics as a program, rather than as a one-shot effort when it appears to be needed.Ethics programs:• Establish organizational roles to manage ethics• Schedule ongoing assessment of ethics requirements• Establish required operating values and behaviors• Align organizational

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805 words - 3 pages Organizational behavior describes how people behave and affect the performance of the organization. By understanding organizational behavior and what causes people to behave as they do, organizations can achieve positive outcomes.In the following paragraphs I will evaluate the following trends in organizational behavior. I will also explain how ethics influences our decision making and how technology impacts on work-related stress."Ethical or

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1049 words - 5 pages Leadership is a complex process explained by many theories, models and approaches. This paper examines leadership using three different styles: team, charismatic, and transformational. For each style of leadership, a different scenario is described and analyzed. Team Leadership Testing accommodations administered by a Colorado university’s disability office provides an organizational scenario for team leadership. From 2000-2006 a few hundred

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993 words - 4 pages how to deal with things like customer complaints or conflicts of interest. 4.ConflictsSome professions require objectivity and impartiality, which may conflict with an individual's personal ethics, especially if compassion and a willingness to step in to help others is an important part of his ethical code. Sometimes, individuals find they must separate their personal ethics from their professional ethics while at work.THE STAGES OF MORAL

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1667 words - 7 pages :// JOURNAL: DeConinck, J.B. (1992), "How sales managers control unethical sales force behavior", Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 11 No.10, pp.789-98. Jansen, E., Von Glinow, M.A. (1985), "Ethical ambience and organizational reward system", Academy of Management Review, Vol. 10 No.4, pp.814-22.. (Singhapakdi, A.), "1996", in The perceived role of ethics and social responsibility: a scale development' (Eds),Journal of Business Ethics, Vol. 15 No.11, pp.1131-40.

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1085 words - 4 pages to personal ethics should be an important trait of tomorrow's leaders.ReferencesThe Williams Institute for Ethics and Management. (2003). Ethics awareness inventory. Retrieved August 8, 2008, from Univesity of Phoenix, Week Three Assessment. MGT/344- Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility course web site.University of Phoenix. (2008). Week two supplement. Retrieved August 4, 2008, from University of Phoenix, Week Two. MGT/344 - Organizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility course web site.

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1226 words - 5 pages bean coffee was sold at all four locations. Upon reaching 100 stores in 1992 the company went public. Starbucks grew at an exponential pace thereafter, into a successful, well-known international organization that helps roughly 35 million customers a week (Stanley, 2002). The purpose of this paper is to discuss and analyze Starbucks' organizational structure, organizational behaviors in communication and ethical decision making, and organizational