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Organizational HealthFord Motor Company falls between General Motors and Chrysler Corporation on the list of “Big Three” U.S. automobile manufacturers. The “Big Three” moniker provides an immediate impression of a large and vast organization. This impression is verified by Ford being ranked number seven on the 2008 Fortune 500. Ford reported its most recent annual revenues were in excess of $172,000 million with losses for the same period reported as $2,723 million (CNN, 2008). Recently, fiscal problems at Ford Motor Company have been exacerbated by the current economic downturn. Ford and the other members of the “Big Three” joined forces to implore the U.S. Congress for emergency funding to avoid bankruptcy. This has resulted in public ridicule of current management practices at all three companies. Future viability of these firms is dependent on restructuring of current operations. Leaders at Ford implemented restructuring in order to meet current demand as part of its business plan prior to the economic downturn. This restructuring is not limited to product, price, placement, and promotion. Ford human resources also redesigned its methodology for recruiting and selecting future employees, for training the employees already on the payroll, the compensation packages, performance evaluations and their employee relations strategies.Employee Recruitment and SelectionFord human resources implemented an efficient and unique method of recruiting and selecting future associates. In addition to sending recruiters to leading campuses and professional conferences, Ford has developed a web-based recruitment center. Anyone with web access, and those in contact with recruiters, can view currently available jobs after providing some basic information. These applicants may then post their resume for available positions. Hiring is a two-step process at Ford. First applicant credentials, experience, and background are assessed. Candidates who are successful in this initial screening are then invited to a Talent Management Conference (Ford, 2003). These conferences are expense-paid and take place at a Ford facility. Applicants are provided with a tour of the facility and attend a series of workshops where they learn about Ford. They have an interview with two Ford managers who work in their area of interest. They then join with other candidates to recommend a solution to a current business issue (Ford, 2003). This process allows Ford to assess the candidates for suitability and provides the candidate the personal interaction to decide if Ford is a good fit for them. Once employed, Ford provides many training and development opportunities.Training and DevelopmentThe web-based efficiency initiative implemented by the Vice-President of Human Resources, David L. Murphy, is also expanded to employee development and training. Ford provides online resources from e-books to online engineering, information technology, and business principles...

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