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Organizational Influences: How Does Ethics And Technology Affect Decision Making

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Organizational Influences:How does Ethics and Technology Affect Decision Making#######XXXXXXXXXXMGT 331INSTRUCTOR14 October 2007Organizational Influences: How does Ethics and Technology Affect Decision MakingAbstractThis paper will attempt give explanation to the organizational influences in the workplace that can cause an increase level of stress due to ethical-type decisions and technological advances. The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that leadership commitment to excellence begins with the way information is outlined and how decisions directly affect the morale and overall perception of an organization. Hopefully, this paper will succeed in placing value into the critical decisions necessary to develop a strong lasting workforce that is intended to make a positive impression economically and reasonable for an effective learning business environment.Ethics on Decision MakingSo what is ethical? This ethical argument has had scholars constantly debating to find the real meaning for generations. It is not expected to understand truly the inner-workings of ethics in this paper; however, as critical as it may seem it is something that needs constant questioning in order to bring out the best quality in everyone to support the organization's interests. Putting this into perspective at its simplest form, asking what is right or wrong, good or bad would be a good start. Take for instance the value of integrity, an ethical influence on decision making, can affect how the organization is perceived though the public eyes and the networking impact with other organizations. To include ethical qualities in decision making is not exclusive to the private sector, it also requires participation from organizations in the public sector - as in the U.S.Army.Americans pay tribute to Soldiers everyday as they fight for the freedoms that they so much enjoy. As they make very difficult decisions everyday, concerning life or death situations, they follow what is called the Seven Army Values. Among them is integrity; which is described as Do what's right, legally, and morally. This is important for Soldiers to understand this meaning because everything that is done and accomplished is in a teamwork effort that ultimately affects the organization. The success of the mission is heavily reliant to trusting and knowing each other. After working with each other for some time, they find comfort in knowing that in tough situations, individuals can count on their team members for assistance and to pick up the pieces. This brings out the quality that is needed to further support the spirit that needs embracing; which creates the ethical quality necessary to keep the team integrity intact.Leaders of all levels have goals and expectations of each other in the business environment which should be clearly defined to our teams. Unfortunately, this is not always the case which weakens the expected ethical quality. When...

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