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Organizational Issues Essay

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Music is a method of communication and education. Through the words of music, one can address and share his experiences, social changes, poverty around the world, and politics. The responsibility project has created short films, articles, and blogs for consumers to post their opinion on a topic as well as to get the consumers to discuss and study “the importance of responsibility” (Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, 2013). “Our World” by Black Enterprise broadcasted a short film about a musician, John Legend, who not only express his passion for music, but is now an advocate for students in the lower income community. The film hopes to educate citizens about reforming education, and put ...view middle of the document...

It would just waste the taxpayers’ dollars to try to reform their education when the student is just going to drop out. The positive external social pressure on this issue would come from the President of the United States. The President’s speeches have had an effect on the country; it fortifies the problem and keeps the country’s focus on the topic. In this case, is to improve the quality of education. The government is trying to focus on equal and fair education for all children whether they come from a rich or poor family. John Legend states the public needs to re-humanize how we look at lower class children because like him, the children just need proper education and support from their parents and teachers. John Legend grew up in an inner city neighborhood and understands first-hand the experiences children are facing today.
The above issues are relevant to organizational and personal decisions because to resolve the issues, the schools and parents need to make changes to beat the statistics. The video states that 40 to 50 percent of lower class children will drop out and become a statistic. Teachers and school faculty need to organize and learn how to effectively help each child to excel in school and decrease the dropout rates. Parents need to become more involved with their children and provide a positive atmosphere to encourage the child’s education. President Barack Obama has implemented many new programs to improve schools, raise standards, keep good teachers,...

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