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Organizational Justice For Whistle Blowing And Harassment In The Public Personnel Sector

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Workplaces must comply with federal laws and mandate sexual harassment education at all levels. Implied guidelines should be developed and employees have the right to work in a discriminatory intimidation, ridicule and insulting free environment. Employees who feel as though they have been a target of sexual harassment are encouraged to apprise the offending orally or in writing so that behavior is unwelcome, offensive and must stop. Hence, if the employee wishes not to reach out directly to the offending person or disseminated information has not been ineffective, the employee has several channels to report allegations of sexual harassment.
Investigations and grievance procedures, in 1999 the EEOC issued a policy on sexual harassment, including how to investigate complaints of sexual harassment. The first step in the process is to determine whether any investigation is necessary in the first place (, 2014). The EEOC advises it may be necessary to undertake intermediate measures before completing the investigation to ensure further harassment does not occur, especially if the investigation is going to be time-consuming and involve many accusations, many witnesses, and time to sort things out (, 2014). Case in point, make scheduling changes to bypass contact between the accused parties; place the alleged harasser on non-disciplinary leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation. Grievances usually involve two parties, the oppressed victim and the employee against whom the grievance is laid. The supervisor and the union representative will usually review the grievance to determine whether it is valid. If grievances remain undecided through the levels of management within the organization, many times an outside arbitrator will be called in to resolve the issue.
Following investigations of the harassment complaint, the employer must, in no way, treat the employee who filed the complaint differently than other employees are not treated nor change his or her prior-to-the-complaint treatment (Heathfield, 2014). In a work environment, the victim will typically recover from the employer, although the harasser is directly responsible for the victim’s injury, the employer is required to be in control of the workplace. Employers should know about and stop any harassing know of. Holding an employer liable can be more difficult if the harasser is someone outside the employer’s control, such as a customer/client or a worker from another company. The victim can still recover from the employer for allowing a hostile work environment to continue it maybe the aftermath more damaging and challenging then the offense. The effects can be retaliation, backlash, or victim blaming and betrayal.

How can organizations support and develop ethical leaders?
Many believe ethical leadership is simply a matter of leaders having good character. By having “values” and “strong character,” an ethical leader can set the example...

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