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Organizational Problem In My Work Place

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Founded in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona, PETsMART, Inc is the nation's leading retail supplier of products, services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. The company operates more than 643 pet superstores in the United States and Canada as well as a large pet supply catalog business, and the internet's leading pet product website. PETsMART stores carry the industry's broadest line of products for every stage of a pet's life. Our unique products differentiate PETsMART from the competition and give customers new reasons to shop our stores. PETsMART offers exclusive products at good values, a proposition supported by our solid relationships with suppliers around the world and our cost-control initiatives. In addition, nearly all PETsMART stores feature pet styling salons that offer safe, quality pet grooming services, from full-service styling to baths, toenail trimming and teeth cleaning. PETsMART offers affordable education for puppies or adult dogs. In every store, PETsMART provides space for shelters to make homeless pets available for thoughtful adoption by PETsMART customers. This program has found homes for more than 1.7 million homeless pets since its inception in 1994. PETsMART is the only pet care company that provides high-quality, affordable veterinary hospitals inside many of its stores. (Retrieved February 18, 2004, from http:// www.PETSMART.COM)As you can tell I work for the nation's leading retail supplier of products, services and where the associates are pet detectives to find solutions for total lifetime care of pets. This is a brand new PETsMART, which currently opened up this month in Fontana.Recently the scheduling of hours for associates have been cut dramatically causing inconsistent number of hours and schedules, unhappy associates, and low earnings. The associates are viewed as being extremely important to the company because we are the people that the customers associate with. Another outlook to this situation is that the manager is trying to equal out the number of hours between the associates; being on a budget of hours per week, and they over hired to get the store up and running for the store's grand opening.The first problem of cutting hours concerned the budget of the store. While the associates are considered important, the budget needs to be met. Due to being a brand new store with 2 other PETsMART being approximately 5 miles from each other our store needed to stand out above the two to get business form surrounding pet parents. Therefore, it was decided by management to cut hours to keep their associates that they hired instead of laying them off.This created a second problem, irritated associates. Associates are complaining of not enough hours which could lead to possible resignation due to not making enough money. In addition associates are then forced to look else where for employment. It meant that much thought had to go into the selection so as not to give any one person more hours then the other and...

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