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Organizational Roles And Responsibilities In The Marine Corps

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AbstractLeadership and management for the most part are one in the same when speaking about the Marine Corps. There are very few circumstances where the two can be seen as being independent from each other. The different positions that may cause Marines to fill a more managerial role will be discussed. I will also delve into the roles that organizational managers play that keep the organization functioning well on a day-to-day basis. This paper will show the difference between leadership and management in the Marine Corps and how organizational managers are the glue that holds this organization together.Organizational Roles and Responsibilities in the Marine CorpsMany believe that the military is a hierarchical society that allows only the obedience of orders. While it is true that obedience is a very important part of the military, the Marine Corps also emphasizes initiative and leadership. Beginning with a Marines' first day at basic training, initiative and leadership are traits that are ingrained into the spirit of every Marine. As this is the case, leadership and management will usually come together as a package when speaking about leaders in the Marine Corps. There are very few times in the Marine Corps where a leader will serve in role that is geared towards management more than leadership and by leading, Marines are able to manage. The old saying, "Monkey See, Monkey Do" is one of the greatest ways to describe how leaders in the Marine Corps are able to inspire their Marines and how they lead. Leaders and managers in the Marine Corps are taught to "lead by example". If each Marine leader exhibits the traits that they want their subordinates to portray they will generally become successful leaders. The Non-Commissioned Officer, or NCO, is described as the "backbone of the Marine Corps." The NCO is the fulcrum of the leadership in the Marine Corps as the NCO is usually the one making the majority of decisions that will impact the overall success or failure of any goal to be accomplished in the Marine Corps.Leadership versus ManagementLeadership and management are generally intertwined when speaking about managers and leaders in the Marine Corps. There are always different tasks that need to be accomplished and goals to be achieved. Beginning with basic training, Marines are put in positions where they are responsible for a specific job or person. When in basic training you are taught that you are responsible for the actions, successes, and failures of your "bunkmate". You are also taught that working together as a team you succeed or fail as a team and not as individuals. Usually within a year of reporting to a Fleet Marine Force unit, a Marine will usually have another Marine under his charge. If not directly under his charge and working for the senior Marine, the senior Marine has a responsibility and duty to this Marine. The senior Marine will show the inexperienced Marine the right a wrong way to conduct yourself, how to become a...

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