Organizational Structure And Leadership At Clinton Massie High School

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Clinton Massie High School (CMHS) is a public Ohio high school situated in a rural setting in Clinton County. The average daily membership is 573 students. Of the 573 students, 97 percent are white, 2 percent are Hispanic and 1 percent is multi-racial (Ohio Department of Education, 2013). 25 percent of students are classified as economically disadvantaged (2013).
A reason for the high percentage of economically disadvantaged students was due to the recent closing of DHL package Delivery Company. DHL was a major employer for the entire county and few employment options exist for the displaced workers. As a result, Clinton County has experienced a sharp increase in the amount public assistance awarded to families and an increase in the use of illicit drugs. Some of this drug use has entered the school district.
Still, the district has experienced success by earning the title of Excellent with Distinction in 2011 and 2012. The district earned the title of Excellent in 2013. Much of the district’s success was attributed to the district Superintendent Dr. Sander. Dr. Sander accepted the position in 2007 and made sweeping changes in personnel that resulted in fewer positions. Although unpopular at the time, the reduced work force resulted in a budget surplus and increased accountability. However, additional proposed reductions resulted in an abrupt non-renewal vote in June 2013. Since Dr. Sander’s departure in July 2013, the district was operated under an interim Superintendent, Mr. Joe Scholler. Dr. Baits, a recently retired Superintendent, will assume the position on June 1, 2014.
It is the author’s opinion that the current building leadership is characterized as both transactional and transformational. The Principal exhibits transactional leadership characteristics while the Assistant Principal exhibits transformational leadership characteristics.
According to Bass (2008), the Principal exhibits transactional leadership when he or she exchanges rewards or discipline for services provided (Bass, 2008). For example, when Mr. Dunlap asks a teacher to forgo their plan period to cover another teacher’s class, that teacher is rewarded extrinsically. The teacher is rewarded extrinsically in two ways. First, the teacher is rewarded in the form of monetary compensation. Second, the teacher is rewarded at a later date by being given the opportunity to leave a few minutes early for an appointment at the end of the day. As a result, the Principal has created a quasi-token economy whereby the teacher’s current and immediate psychological needs are met in return for services previously rendered (Bass, 2008). More important, the Principal’s actions can be viewed as contingent reward leadership because the teachers each receive rewards for the tasks the Principal needs completed (Kuhnert and Lewis, 1987).
In addition to contingent reward leadership, the Principal subscribes to leadership style of active management by exception. For example, the Principal...

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