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Organizational Structure PaperMGT/230Organizational Structure PaperThe United States Army is one of many legal types of organizations of the armed forces and has been since June 1775. It is the largest and oldest of all the branches of the military and continues to dominate all threats aimed at the United States alongside the Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marines. Like many other organizations in the United States, the U.S Army has a structure of its own. From the top down, it functions as any other organization, but unlike most, every member of its team carries rank and has a chain of command to abide by. In the following I will describe and evaluate the structure and functions within the United States Army, compare it to its fellow branches, and explain its organizational design that has been the primary reason Americans have been kept free from tyranny and enjoy the freedoms taken for granted every day.Army Organizational StructureWhat is an organization? According to "Businessdictionary" (2012), an organization is a social unit of people, systematically structured and managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals on a continuing basis (Organization). The United States Army has a structure that starts as high as the President of the United States down to the newest and youngest recruit soldier. Its organizational structure far exceeds that or your local neighborhood Wal-Mart, yet has far less "employees". As of 2012, the U.S Army has a total strength of on or about 1,130,000 soldiers, that which include the Army National Guard and Army Reserve units ("The Official Homepage of the United States Army", 2012).Other than the President of the United States, orders go downhill following the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Army, Joint Chief of Staffs, then along to Regional Commands stationed globally. Thereafter, divisions are formed by brigades, which control battalions beneath them, formed by several units or companies of soldiers organized accordingly into platoons. Attempting to explain the organizational structure of an entire military branch would be rather extensive and complicated, therefore the following will breakdown the basic structure of a U.S Army company.Similar to non-military organizations, the U.S Army has a structure that coincides with one another to be able to function properly. No matter the type of battalion, either it consist of Armored, Infantry, Airborne, or Calvary soldiers, a Headquarters company is and always will be the core to a battalion. That company staffs a variety of soldiers with particular jobs that range from administration (S1), intelligence (S2), training and operations (S3), logistics (S4), communication (S6), medical, mechanic, and any other type of military occupational specialty (MOS) that primarily functions to support its entire battalion. All these so called "S Shops" work alongside each other and handle the day to day business as well as prepare units for training exercises and...

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