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A. Nursing Sensitive Indicators
We use nursing-sensitive indicators in our healthcare system so that we can protect our patients
and increase the quality of care that is given to them and to promote patient safety. The scenario that
was presented involving Mr. J, lacked these indicators. Without these indicators, it caused a decrease in
the quality of care and safety that he should have received while he was admitted in that hospital. If
everyone including the nurses and the certified nursing assistant (CNA) understood nursing-sensitive
indicators this would have helped them understand the issues that happened that interfered with Mr. J
care that he received.
If the CNA had the appropriate knowledge of how to care for a patient that is in restraints it
would have prevented the reddened area over his spine. Mr. J should have been checked on more
frequently given the fact that he was in restraints. It is expected for him to be released frequently from
these restraints to perform range of motion, asked to go to the restroom and assisted to the restroom
frequently, and turned every 2 hours while in bed to prevent pressure ulcers from forming. The CNA
should not have told the daughter that that reddened area was nothing to worry about the CNA is
responsible for informing the nurse of any findings of skin issues on a patient.
Mr. J was also given the wrong diet that was ordered for him. The order for his diet was Kosher,
however, he ended up receiving a chopped pork cutlet. The nurse did the appropriate thing by telling
the nursing supervisor but the nursing supervisor wanted the nurse to “keep quiet” and did not inform
the patient or the family about this mistake. Mistakes do happen but when they do it is your
responsibility to inform the patient and the patients family. Since this was not properly addressed at the
time of the incident it has now caused a negative outcome because now the daughter is upset because
she was not informed. The nurse also stated, “Half a pork cutlet never killed anyone”. This comment was
rude and uncalled for by the nurse and was an insult to the patient’s culture.

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B. Quality Patient Care
Analysis of particular nursing-sensitive indicators can advance the quality of patient care
throughout the patient’s hospital stay. If your facility has a high relevance of patients getting pressure
ulcers you need to make sure your staff is well educated on how to prevent this from occurring. Educate
your staff members on the importance of proper nutrition for your patients and that your total care
patients are getting turned every 2 hours and checked for incontinence at that time also. Your
ambulatory patients need to be getting up and walking the halls etc. Educate your CNA about the
importance of any skin changes they noticed while they are bathing their patients or assisting them to ...

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