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Organizational Testing And Assessment Essay

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Many organizations use some descriptive tests in their development and recruitments of employees at all levels. This is common for persons applying for top management positions, as an error in recruitment will cause a significant impact in any organization. Tests for selection and recruitments assist a company to make an informed choice between candidates on their strength or weakness. In carrier, professional counseling candidates tests on their work values, interest, and preparedness in their new position. Some of the considerations made are the client’s interest, measured by strong interest inventory and use of carrier development inventories (Zunker, 2001). Experience has shown that the main barriers to improved organization practices are not technical rather than planning. This is associated in changing the management perception, overcoming peoples resistant to change and implementation of practical processes and management controls.
Intelligence testing dwells on a candidate problem solving ability and mental sanity. The intelligence quotient though variable to different individuals is used. Intelligence manifests itself over the life span and includes the ability to logically reason, acquire, and apply knowledge, sound judgment, paying attention, use of initiations and attentiveness and ability to cope and make use of unfamiliar situations (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). For candidates who have a speech impediment, non-verbal assessment of ability or intelligence is used (Zunker, 2001). Intelligence definition is not definite but includes the capacity and ability to acquire and apply, exhibit sound judgment, to be intuitive and be able to cope with different situations and different circumstances. (Carroll, 2012). The factorial approach to intelligence has been the base for the study of cognitive theories of intelligence.
All tests of intelligence measures traits of personality, such as impulsiveness/goal awareness, drive, and energy levels (Cohen & Swerdlik, 2010). The big five theory of personality are the five factors of personality given as openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism (Mathew, Deary, Whiteman. 2003). Agreeableness in this case includes altruism, affection, kindness, and any other pro-social behavior. Conscientiousness is the feature that includes thoughtfulness and goal-directed behaviors. The dimension of extraversion is featured by talkativeness, high emotional expressiveness, sociability, and excitability. Then, if an individual has the trait of neuroticism, they display irritability, sadness, anxiety, moodiness, and emotional instability. Finally, openness trait features preferences of variety and intellectual curiosity.
Performance appraisal is necessary for evaluation, testing, and management of staff. It is a periodic and systematic review and analysis of an employee’s performance of already delegated duties and responsibilities. It measures the results of an employee’s performance,...

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