Organizations Must Embrace Diversity To Find Success

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Using an example of an organisation, examine the business case and strategies for promoting diversity and an inclusive environment within the workplace, while also discussing the role of first-line management in embedding this approach.
“A firm’s success and competitiveness depends on its ability to embrace diversity and draw on the skills, understanding and experience of all its people” (CIPD, 2008).
In order for an organisation to become successful they need diversity throughout their company. Equal opportunities are very important in today’s society and people should not be treated differently due to their gender, race, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation. Many companies have released a Diversity Policy within their company to ensure they have a diverse workforce; an example of this is Group4Securicor (G4S) who are one of the largest employers worldwide. G4S are a very diverse profit-making organisation in what has historically been a very male dominated environment. “G4S is the world’s leading international security solution group” (G4S, 2014). G4S have stated that their main focus is the number of women that are represented in hierarchy jobs in the business. G4S introduced their diversity strategy in 2008, which has been put in place to ensure issues, like race discrimination, are addressed and tackled. The main focus of this essay will be how first-line management tackles the issue of discrimination and how their strategic plans have bettered the company.

Diversity, when concerned with a workplace, is about more than just equality, it’s about working and ensuring there’s variety of different people, cultures and practices for the advantage of the organisation (Learning At Work, 2011). As mentioned above there are different inequalities in the workplace (disability, gender, ethnicity) but there is also discrimination, “social problems like discrimination and equality are, however, shaped by a range of historical, political, legal, economic and social processes” (Wilton, 2013). Over a period of time, the UK government have introduced a series of legislations to try and decrease the amount of discrimination and inequality that goes on in the work place, for example, the Equality Act 2010, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976 (Wilton, 2013) and many other legislations, however, the legislations that have been introduced may be effective to a certain extent but the problems of discrimination are too complex to be solved merely by legislation. UK legislation gives the employer a guideline for them to then build upon to create a diverse and equal place for the employees to work. In the Equality Act 2010, they covered different types of discrimination and according to Wilton 2013 the four biggest types are: direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, discrimination by perception and discrimination by association. Direct discrimination is when “someone is treated less favorably than another person because of a protected...

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