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Organizations Within The Criminal Justice System In America

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“Organizations pursue goals, but those are complex, multiple, and often conflicting” (Criminal Justice Organizations 5). In the Criminal Justice System in America, there are several different organizations that are in existence; all are different, these organizations do not have the exact same goals, and with all of these differing organizations there is a slight divergence in structure where some may be mechanistically based (bureaucratic/hierarchical) or organically based (professional/horizontal), size – some may be bigger or smaller, and so on and so forth. But yet all of them need to communicate (whether inter-organization, or with other organizations).
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There are several different types of barriers that these individuals and an organization as a whole will go through when referencing what could be considered ‘non-communication’. For the sake of saving time, only two of these will be discussed: ‘Preconceived Ideas’ and ‘Denial of Contrary Information’. Both of these have to do with people ‘hearing what they want to hear’ or ‘saying what they want to say’ – the basis of these two theories is that these persons are working on a personal level instead of a unified level where communication would be key to the good of the organization, instead of the good of the one individual.
Now on the subject of a company’s cohesion and necessity for communication (between individuals, between employer/employee, between employee/costumer, and so on), there is the need to discuss the subject of the hierarchy and the leader/follower relationship within said company. When related to an organization’s structure (mechanistic or organic) and where a person lies on a hierarchical line, one needs to look at the three factors of: centralization, formalization, and the complexity of said structure. The way an organization is structured relies on the complexity of the organization – all based on how many levels are in the hierarchy, and how many people are within those levels. There can be high or low complexity (simple or complex) which rudimentarily shows whether the organization is large or small. When delving deeper into the organization’s structure, one can go about looking at employee supervision (or the leader/follower mentality). Formalization and centralization both have to do with order inside of the organization: formalization being the rules that the employees must follow, and centralization being how one goes about following said rules. The leaders within the hierarchy have to enforce both the formalization and centralization aspect, while making sure the employees follow the rules and keep up morale.
“Equity theory…”draws on exchange, dissonance, and social comparison theories in making predictions about how individuals manage...

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