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Organize Crime And Gangas Essay

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Poaching, the illegal practice of trespassing to hunt or steal game, has become a worldwide trend in which criminal syndicates have taken part in. Countries that have a high poaching rate include the United States and Africa, but the animal parts taken from these countries are traded all over the world. There are many reasons why poaching has been proven unnecessary over the years, yet the killing of rhinos and elephants for their horns and ivory has increased by over 300 percent since 1989. Many people who are not as obviously impacted by these changes question as to why this is relevant and how it pertains to their wellbeing. If the killing and trafficking of animals is not enough of a ...view middle of the document...

Though technology has given way to many positive advancements in communication, it has also provided a new form of poaching that is almost, if not more deadly, than the original. “Cyber poaching” is a phenomenon that has blown anti-poaching organizations away with how quickly it formed and the damage it has caused. Traffickers can now remain anonymous online while using code words that convey their true intentions. The wildlife-trade monitoring network TRAFFICK found 33 different types of elephant products on online Chinese auction websites alone. Such online sales are part of a higher wildlife-trafficking industry which estimates to be worth $7.8 to $10 million per year (Ingber 1). Online poaching allows traffickers to be out of the country and away from where the crimes are being committed, making it harder to be traced, as well as an easy payment process to the people doing the dirty work.
An additional way for traffickers to earn money without getting their hands dirty includes hiring hackers to login to private, government run computer databases that hold information on a specific animal’s whereabouts. Because of the large amount of species registered on the endangered species lists, several animal conservation agencies have chipped animals in order to make sure the animal is safe. Hackers have found a way to hack into these databases and can accurately find an animals’ location within half a mile radius. Not only does this put already endangered animals at even more risk, but it also threatens U.S and African government security. Though this new form of poaching is on the rise, it does not take the place of group poaching in Africa.
Group poaching has become more popular with the ever-increasing terrorist groups in Africa. People from these gangs assemble in large groups and attack whole herds of elephants with semi-automatic weapons and will use chainsaws and axes to hack off their tusks. Wildlife rangers at Africa’s National Parks are struggling to defend the animals and themselves against these types of threats. Many question whether or not the shoot-to-kill policy should be encouraged or simply used when the safety of a ranger or wildlife conservationist is at risk. However, even if it is necessary to use arms against poachers, not all anti-poaching and monitoring program staff is armed. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton commented on the...

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