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Organizing A Bedroom Essay

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One’s room is always the feeling of comfort and happiness so it is very important to have an organized room. One’s room is the place where one starts and ends a day, it is a place where one feels stress free, comfort, and relaxed ("12 Ways to Organize the Bedroom" Para 1). If one wishes to have an organized room than, "Don't fill the room with unnecessary items or let it become overly decorated with fussy window treatments or a plethora of busy patterns" ("Tips for an Ideal Bedroom Layout" Para 2). It is very relieving to have an organized room that makes one fell comfortable and to have a very organized room one needs to organize the furniture, the closet, and the wall.
A very important part of organizing a bedroom is to first organize the furniture. A large bedroom can have a verity of furniture such as bed, and others. Separating the large room into two different sections always make it easier to organize. In the large bedroom, keep one side of the bedroom cozy bed area and the other side of the bedroom should be the study, entertaining, and relaxing area ("Tips for an Ideal Bedroom Layout" Para 5). Along with cozy bed, have a study or a reading space so set up a pair of chairs, and a table. To make the room look interesting, it is very important to fill up the empty space. Use the empty space such as between two windows with a small desk or a vanity. If the space is larger you can also put up a bed between two windows ("Top Bedroom Decorating Tips" Para 7). Organizing the furniture may take effort but at the end one will feel relaxed.
Along with the furniture one organizes, the wall paint must match the furniture of the room. Picking out colors is always confusing to many people so get inspired by the colors of the things you love such as covers, artwork, and pictures ("12 Ways to Organize the Bedroom" Para 3). If you are interested in patterns than use colorful patterns on the wall to create mood in the room. Make sure that each patterns blends in with the rest of the bedroom ("Top Bedroom Decorating Tips" Para 1). Choose patterns or the colors that makes you fell comfortable. It is not the worst thing to do if you paint bold colors because paint can always be changed ("12 Ways to Organize the Bedroom" Para 4). "Look to bright and warm colors to foster a sense of good cheer, energy, and coziness" ("Top Bedroom Decorating Tips" Para 1). Choosing a wall color does not take much of effort, but if you are creative than you might want to paint the wall and personalize it.
If you want to make your room to look very...

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