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According to Rue and Byars (2010), “orientation is not a one-time obligation, but an ongoing process” (p. 207). Training of employees can also be defined by this statement. Having an effective orientation and training plan is essential to the success of new employees and the organization as a whole. Ineffective training and orientation creates dissatisfaction with new employees which reduces morale and increases turnover (Giangreco, Sebastiano, & Peccei, 2009). The first step to successful entry of the new employee is planning the orientation.
Orientation starts with the interview. At this time the employee learns about the position, the basic expectations and, in some cases, tours of the work area. This allows the candidate to become familiar with the supervisor and the physical environment. A good impression from both parties sets the stage for a future relationship. Once the candidate has been selected for the position and accepts the job offer, the formal orientation plan can be implemented.
The job description for this orientation and training plan is for a Phlebotomy Tech I (Job Description, 2011). A Phlebotomy Tech I is an entry level position and requires an approved phlebotomy course with an externship or a minimum of six months of prior phlebotomy experience (Job Description, 2011). Orientation is broken down into two separate locations, onsite and offsite.
Offsite orientation is conducted by Human Resources and consists of welcoming the new employee, description of the company and how each employee ties into the roadmap at the organizational level. Behavioral expectations, dress code, benefits, resources for future needs such as leaves of absences, tuition assistance and other personal needs are also covered.
Other aspects of offsite orientation consists of compliance, Six Sigma and quality practices, safety and infection control, annual evaluations, merit increases and other system
information that is required for all new employees. The objective for general orientation
being provided by one group of people is to provide a clear and consistent message to all employees of the organization.
The supervisor is responsible for onsite orientation. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the information given to the new employee is accurate and received in a timely manner. The supervisor is also responsible for the training schedule and making sure training is completed on time or removing any barriers that may impede the process. A supervisor should have a written plan of what needs to be covered to ensure all areas are addressed (Rue & Byars (2010).
Onsite orientation consists of reading applicable department policies and procedures,
reintroduction of the physical environment including where to find forms and where to place
them when complete, assignment of a locker, parking, location of the schedule, shift responsibilities as well as employee responsibilities such as utilizing communication pathways like outlook...

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