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Cellular is a type of wireless communication that is the most familiar to us, it is called cellular because the system uses so many base stations to divide a service area into multiple cells. Cellular phones have been around for quite some time now. Cell phones originated in the 1920’s. The theory of a cellular phone was established from the mobile car phone and from then on there was just sparks in everyone’s minds about cell phones. The first mobile cell phone was available to the public in 1973. (“The Cell Phone Turns 40: Remembering Martin Cooper's Historic Call.") Even back then only the wealthy people and big businesses had cellular phones. Back when the first cell phones came out they ...view middle of the document...

While this rule was in place only twenty-three conversations were able to go on in the same general area. Later the Federal Communications Commission increased the frequencies to try and find better connections, while doing this research they worked side by side with AT&T and Bell Towers. (How Have Changed from the People History Site)
The portrayal of a utopia of cell phones can be dated back to the year of 1931. In Erick Kästner's children’s book The 35th of May, or Conrad’s Ride to the South Seas, he said, “A gentleman who rode along the sidewalk in front of them, suddenly stepped off the conveyor belt, pulled a phone from his coat pocket, spoke a number into it and shouted: "Gertrude, listen, I'll be an hour late for lunch because I want to go to the laboratory. Goodbye, sweetheart!" Then he put his pocket phone away again, stepped back on the conveyor belt...” (I did get this quote from Wikipedia, but it is also found on other websites) I feel that this passage is significant in many ways, especially in how this could have motivated many people to try and make it work. After this passage in the story was published, many ideas were poping in to the heads of many people, everyone wanted to try and make a cell phone, but not everyone had the funding or knowledge and sources to put it to work.
The very beginning of phones in general came from the use of radios. The US Military first began using radio telephony links, these hand held radio transceivers have been in use since the 1940’s. The early versions of the cellular phones were massive and consumed large amounts of power. The first completely automatic phone system for cars was released in Sweden in 1956; it was called Mobile Telephone system S or MTA. This new phone system allowed calls to be received and made from inside the car using a rotary dial. Then in 1962 an upgrade was released to the MTA, the Mobile system B or MTB, which were a push-button phone and used transistors and DTMF signaling to better its operation. Then in 1973...

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