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Origin Vs. Settlement Essay

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The United States is a country which gathers people from different places. Those people who cross over from another country to America the transnational people. There are some critiques which argue that the transnational people will only keep their origins and return to their home country. If they are involved in politics, it will only benefit their original countries. However, I think those transnational people are trying to find their belongings by participating in politics in the United States by referring to the case studies on the Union of Democratic Filipinos, Saigon Nationalism, and the Indian-US civil nuclear deal.
Transnational is the people who leave their originally countries to move to other countries. “The contemporary use of "transnational" to describe border crossing activities "from below"-by immigrants, migrants, sojourners” (Collet and Lien, 11). In addition, there is also a definition of transnationalism
Glick Schiller and her colleagues formally define transnationalism as "the processes by which immigrants forge and sustain multi-stranded social relations that link together their societies of origin and settlement" (Basch et al. 1994: 6). For them, it is "a process by which migrants, through daily life activities and social, economic and political relations create social fields that cross national boundaries. (11)

The transnationalism allows the transnational people to keep both their ethnic tie to their origin; at the same time participate and involve in the politic in the United States and being loyal to the United States. Personally, I believe those naturalized transnational citizens will be the trustworthy people to be active in the United States politics. Even though they were not born in the United States, if they are welcomed by the Americans, they will be willing to see the United States as their permanent home.
By involving in the political, it helps the Asian Americans to assert their belonging in the United States that they can be active in the community to improve the society. They are trying to find their belonging in America.
Nearly a decade would pass before Veronica jettisons that sense floating. Anchored by American citizenship, she became an active participant in a collectivity of post-1965 naturalized Chinese American whose work speaks to a deep desire to invoke ways of belonging a membership (92).

It is Asian culture that Asians are less involved in politics because they are usually quiet. However, as time passes, many transnational naturalized citizens want to speak out their desire in being faithful to the United State by involving more in politics. Since the transnational people were not born in the United States, they are always being questioned that whether they will be loyal to their own origin or the United States where they have been settled down. “Benedict Anderson's idea of "long-distance nationalism" (Anderson 1998) has become a widely used framework for explaining the political...

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