Original And Descriptive Poem About Sounds Vignette Poem

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The sounds of the night are captivating. Walking up the two steps to my front door at night have always soothed me, I was home. The subtle sound of the soft wind and the buzzing of security light make it seem safe. I’ve never liked the dark.
The black sky always haunted me, with pleasant and fearful sounds, some making me wish I had never heard anything else but that sweet sound, and other making me want to never hear again. The dark has always been a mystery to me. I’ve always hid in the shadows, but at night there is nowhere to hide. The sound of the black sky with the tiniest of stars is the sound of vulnerability, the sound of needing help.
The stars have always brought comfort. Like small night lights to help me sleep at night. Little specks of light looking down on me, making me feel alive. They have their own sound too, the sound of tears, not sad, but tears of happiness or tears of no reason. But between the stars is the place that no one can run from. The buzzing, not from a light, but from the black gloomy night...

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