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Flavia Neyra
Original Position

John Rawls discusses the original position in his book A Theory of Justice. “The Original Position and Justification” is a chapter where Rawls persuades his readers into taking the original position seriously. The original position is a position where people are equal and are rational in order to make principles that they live by fair. However, there is a problem with rational decisions being biased, where people will choose principles to benefit themselves. Therefore, the veil of ignorance will restrict a person’s knowledge about social status, intelligence, gender, race, ethnicity, and temperament. This will then define principles of justice that will not ...view middle of the document...

, but it would be based on the interests people have together. This is how Rawls influences his readers, by creating non-biased people to not effect any principles and having them create principles equally.
Rawls believes that people’s own interests can’t be ignored. Once, a society agreed on certain principles, which seem fair, an individual’s own interest about society is still present and must come to some agreement with the initial principle. Rawls refers to this state as equilibrium. Equilibrium is a state where people’s own interest is being taken into consideration and the principles made with the limitation of people’s knowledge are also considered. People will go back and fourth, changing the conditions of principles they have made until they have reached an agreement that expresses both reasonable conditions and yields principles that match people’s own judgments. However, the equilibrium might not be stable, so either the initial principle must be changed or people’s own judgments must be reconsidered. Either way, Rawls focuses on people’s own interest as well as a non-biased interest to determine that the original position is fair and reasonable so that everyone can agree.
I believe that the original position should not be taken seriously. My first opposing reason is that experiences in a person’s life make up their judgments and the principles they obtain. The veil of ignorance is unattainable so, having that the only option to make principles fair is unrealistic. A person cannot simply erase their judgments about certain principles. People are taught to believe certain principles or have had a...

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