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Original Writing Essay

3607 words - 14 pages

Original Writing I looked out onto an ocean of glistening white snow, with its
deceiving angelic like pureness, the view took my breath away and I
had to steady myself as I felt slightly light headed. It was the
perfect picture, although no camera would be able to capture its
beauty, its essence. As I stand there I feel so inconsolably alone
and yet half of my team mates were stood right beside me. All of them
feeling the same as me, I’m sure. My hands were covered in a cold
sticky sweat, my feet senseless, my heart broken. It started off as
my lifelong dream but when I achieved it, it seemed so minor to what I
had lost to achieve it.

My mother and father had always been into rock climbing and
mountaineering, it was their favourite pastime. When I was six I
began to climb with them, and just like them I loved it. The rush of
being thousands of feet above the ground with just a few ropes
stopping me from falling it made me feel immortal. When my mother
died when I was just 15 and it destroyed my father. She had been
battling with breast cancer for most of her adult life, she had
countless operations to rid her of the vicious disease and after the
third time in hospital we all thought she was free from it. But two
months before my sixteenth birthday she fell ill again with migraines
and dizziness. She went back into hospital and we sat around her
bedside waiting for the results. As the doctor walked in we knew it
was bad news, his eyes looking down at the floor, hands gripped to the
paper that would tell us if my mum was to live or die. I gripped my
mother’s left hand and my father gripped her right. She was gripping
me so tightly I knew she was scared although her face didn’t show it.
As the doctor read out the news her grip loosened it was like she died
there and then. I looked to my father for some reassurance that
things would be ok, but his eyes were glazed over and inside I knew my
mother was dying and that alone would kill my father too.

After my mother died my father gave up rock climbing, for him it just
didn’t feel right doing it without my mother. On the other hand I
joined a rock climbing club, and became a fully qualified climber. It
was there I met my boyfriend Gerard. It really was love at first site
with us’, and we moved in with each other soon after meeting. He made
me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Every night he
would kiss my forehead, tell me he loved me, then kiss my lips. I
would get a warm sensation through my body and I felt so loved and so
in love.

One lazy Sunday after noon Gerard noticed...

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