Origins Of Pilates And Joseph Pilates

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The paper focuses on the origin of the Pilates method of exercise. It also takes a step-by-step journey of Joseph Pilates (Joe) who was the founder of the Pilates method of exercise. Finally the paper will consider Pilates in the contemporary world.
Pilates refers to a system of physical fitness that was established in the early 20th century. It was developed by Joseph Pilates. Joe was a German born in the year 1880. He suffered from rickets, rheumatic fever, and asthma during his childhood years. Because of the continuous suffering brought by the foregoing conditions, Joe was very week and he always felt vulnerable in a rough realm. This situation inspired him to embark on an enduring pursuit in a bid to gain health and the much needed strength.
Joe began to get involved in various body movement art studies as a young person such as martial arts, yoga, Roman Regimes, boxing, and ancient Grecian. He was determined to become healthy like his peers. From his various studies based on the intensified understanding between his body and mind of what could not be validated to the combination of both, Joe continuously developed the body and mind together. He did this through a combination of increased spiritual with increased bodily arts. Joe realized that the instinct that generated the method was already operational in his mind. He came to this conclusion through remembering his study of a book on the topic of anatomy as a young boy, his observation of his body muscles, and by watching animals as they move in the forest (Therapy Directory, 2014).
By the time Joe was fourteen years of old, he had succeeded to reach his objectives. He had a body that exemplified perfect fitness that he subsequently exhibited for the German medical anatomy charts. He persistently pursued his diverse work as a sportsperson and as a physical instructor in Germany. He participated in sports such as boxing, diving, skiing, and gymnastics (Friedman, 2005). He travelled to the United Kingdom, specifically England from the year 1912 to the year 1914 for an unspecified type of sporty work. Some people believe that Joe travelled to England as a circus performer while others believe he went as a boxer (Lyon, 2005).
During the great world war, English authorities confined Joe in a camp that was established for the ‘enemy aliens’ in the Lancaster area because he was a German national. However, it is noteworthy that even during the time of the expatriate wartime settings, Joe never gave up what he believed in. He began to train his fellow detainees and also started to develop his own approaches to exercises. He referred his original methods of exercising Contrology (Pilates, 1998). After spending some time in the Lancaster ‘alien’ camp he was moved to another camp in the Isle of Man where he worked with other prisoners in an uncertain capacity. Many prisoners in the Isle of Man camp were suffering from diseases while others had serious injuries as a consequence of the war....

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