Origins Of The First World War Contains Build Up+Infomation On Alliances

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The Origins of The First World WarThis is an essay on the origins of the First World War. Here I will explain what, when and where it happened, but more importantly why.Short TermThe main short-term cause was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip. Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austrian throne and so Austria declared war on Gavrilos' home country Serbia. The Serbs wanted independence from their ruling Austria and Russia had already said that they would help out Serbia if Serbia were invaded. Russia was also keen on expanding its borders and saw it as a way of getting at its rival Austria. When he was assassinated the two main world powers, the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente which I will explain about later, fought for each other because of their alliance system. This dragged in everyone so the world was then at war. However this whole situation had been brewing for a number of years.Long TermIn 1870 Germany became united and ambitious, it increased its prestige. It wanted to be a massive world power and France then lost land in Alsace and Lorraine. So 44 years before the war even began two countries hated each other. Nine years later Austria and Germany formed an alliance. Austria was in disarray and needed some strength because of the threat posed by rebels and what was perceived as a helper towards them, the Russians. Italy then joined seeking power and the Triple Alliance was formed. In 1893 France and Russia formed and alliance, they claimed that it was to stop Germany invading but the alliance saw it as a threat. In 1907 the Triple Entente was formed and two major powers were born.CountriesGreat Britain was at that time the major power in the world, it had by far the largest empire and due to industrial revolution was admired and feared throughout the world. Britain was scared of Germany's new power and that was one of the reasons why they were so quick to ally with France who were an old enemy. France was a major power but scared because it shared a border with...

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Origins of First World War Essay

719 words - 3 pages There are many origins of the First World War. For this essay I will cover just two or three of them. An important factor leading up to the First World War was the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The archduke and his wife Sophie were assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a Serbian, on the 28th June 1914. This appeared to be a catalyst to the war.Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the Austrian throne. The Austrian - Hungarians

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1593 words - 6 pages A discussion always at the forefront of historiographical debates is that of the origins of the world wars. This paper will be examining the debates that specifically concern WWI, and its origins by analyzing three prominent perspectives. Fritz Fischer and his book Germany's Aims in the First World War, Gerhard Ritter's A New War-Guilt Thesis? and The Illusion of Limited War: Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg's Calculated Risk, July 1914, by Konrad H

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645 words - 3 pages Alliances were one of the reasons why there was World War I. The alliances started as Triple Entente and Triple Alliance. The Triple Entente involved three countries which were Britain, France and Russia. For Triple Alliance, there were Germany, Austria Hungary and Italy. Then later on the alliances involved more countries and the alliances were called Central powers and Allies. They became alliances secretly during the 19th century. Prussian

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1368 words - 5 pages The first world war, also known as the Great War, was called great, because never has there been a war before with such scale that has caused so many lives and destruction from 1914 – 1918. The industrial revolution, the rise of the masses and sweeping changes in society added up for all the tension between European nations. On the summer of 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, marking a start, but a single bullet must

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2510 words - 10 pages Foch predicted that the treaty "is not peace. It is an armistice for twenty years" . The reparations that Germany was forced to pay after its loss in the First World War had an immense effect on the coming of the Second World War; a foreboding collapse of the German economy caused an upset amongst the German people that could, "Only be quelled by an iron-fisted leader". This was coupled with the world's own economic crisis, in which P.M.H. Bell

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2068 words - 8 pages Italy went through many phases of alliances, most of which collapsed. Expansionism to one country was perceived as imperialism in the eyes of their colonial opponents, which caused many problems within the different powers. Militarism, broken alliances, nationalism, and fear from aggressive threats also played an extremely large role in the movements that led to the war. The war that is now known as World War I gained the name because for the first

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3310 words - 13 pages The Effect of the First World War on Women's Rights By 1918, when the war had ended, there had been a change of attitude towards women and the right to vote. The Representation of the People Act gave the vote to some women and before the war all attempts by the women's movement to get the vote passed through Parliament had failed. Therefore, the work done by women in the war (1914-1918) proved to be very important in

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900 words - 4 pages There has been numerous occasion when as a society we found ourselves wanting. The outbreak of First World War was surely one of them. The horror of World War 1 still lingers in the minds of people. Leadership faltered, and our strategic vision dismantled. The war was fought on the grounds that never existed. This war was based on deception, lies and manipulation.History recalls these wars as The First World War of The Great War that proved to

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1496 words - 6 pages Austria and Serbia then the alliances backed each other up and next thing we know the whole world is at war. The precipitants of World War One all happened between July and August of 1914. On July 28, 1914 the Arch Duke of the Ottoman Empire, Franz Ferdinand was assassinated by a Serbian terrorist. This caused a domino effect of events; including the Austrian ultimatum which ultimately leads to the reality of World War one. After, the

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1481 words - 6 pages other countries jumped into war as well. A map and table compiled from different sources including Colin Nicolson’s The First World War, also demonstrates how militarism could have led to hard feelings, and then to war, (Doc. 11). On the map, almost every nation owned vast amounts of land, but Great Britain topped them all. Thus, feeling inadequate, the other European Nations all attempted to outdo one another at the same time. When things got

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1010 words - 5 pages individual countries. The book also includes a historical debate about the subject where Ruth writes about many different perspectives and theories of historians. She presents views of different countries which were a part of the war. On this way she gives a really objective analysis of the origins of the First World War and leaves space for the reader to consider all possible causes of the war. - Franc McDonough is a professor of International

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