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Orphan Parents Essay

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“Flight MH370: Heartbreak for China's 'orphaned' parents,” is an article written by Tom Phillips for The New Zealand Gerald (NZG). The article talks about one of the impacts of China’s family planning rules, implemented in 1979, but formally instituted in 1980. Due to the high population in China, families are only allowed to have one child, with few exceptions. Events like the recent tragedy of flight MH370 bring to light issues that other ways would not make international news, such as China’s crisis as a result of the one child law and the impact it is having on the aging population, when they lose their only child.
There are an estimated one million so-called "shidu" families in China, ...view middle of the document...

“Like first-born children, onlies tend to have higher educational and professional achievement, regardless of what country they grow up in, whether their parents stay together or not, and whether they’re rich or poor. And a family’s undiluted resources — time, money, attention — are widely understood as the reason for this success”. Furthermore, these article also talked about how nowadays Chinese families actually categorize having more than one child as selfish since providing better child care, education and anything else necessary for their children’s success could be harder. The article included a statement from Toni Falbo a University of Texas social psychologist, who has studied only children in China and beyond, who said ”while teaching a seminar on one-child families: “In America, parents want their kids to be happy. In China, there’s no such concept — they just want their kids to be successful.” Happiness and success are both an imperative part of life, and not necessarily...

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