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Orville And Wilbur Wright: The Wright Brothers

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The inventors of the airplane were none other than Orville and Wilbur Wright. The two brothers were the pioneers of the airplane. Both born during the late 1800s, the older of the two, Wilbur, was born on April 16, 1867. Wilbur was born in the town of Millville, Indiana. The younger sibling, Orville, was born August 19, 1871. Orville, unlike his older brothers, was born in Dayton, Ohio.
Both Wilbur and Orville had five other siblings named Reuchlin, Lorin, Katharine, Otis, and Ida. (Odis and Ida died during infancy). In a seven sibling house, both Lorin and Orville lived to be the oldest out of the children, living to be 76 to 77. Their father was Milton Wright (from English and Dutch ...view middle of the document...

Orville dropped out of high school when he was a junior (an 11th grader) to start a newspaper company with the help of his brother. He had not attended college or applied to college.
They had more than one job that they stumbled on before inventing the airplane. Their jobs include the printer and publish (Orville) and chief editor (Wilbur) for a newspaper they named the West Side News. The brothers made this first a printing company, however, later decided to make it a newspaper facility. They had changed the newspaper from a weekly to a daily, but lasted only 4 months while being a daily. The brothers had also worked with one of Orville’s high school friends, Paul Laurence Dunbar, which he, for a short period of time, edited the Dayton Tattler.
They were also bicycle retailers and manufacturers. The Wright brothers had noticed the enthusiasm for bicycles. From their past job of becoming newspaper creators, they had decided to become bicycle makers. They had opened their bicycle shop in December of 1892. The shop’s name was first Wright Cycle Exchange (but was later renamed Wright Cycle Company). They had both fixed and manufactured bicycles, with a logo that was printed for the bicycles they produced. The purpose of this entire shop was to fund their growing interest in airplanes.
When they had become bicycle manufactures and retailers, in the year of 1896, they had heard about three major events relating to aeronautics, in which one of the three was rather tragic. The brothers were woken by the consciousness of these events. Wilbur had contacted the Smithsonian and requested for them to supply information about topics relating to aeronautics. The museum gave them copies about other inventors’ ideas about the airplanes and flying teleportation. “Drawing on the work of Sir George Cayley, Chanute, Lilienthal, Leonardo da Vinci, and Langley, they began their mechanical...

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