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Orwell Makes Fun Of Certain Charectors, Playing Up Their Weaknesses. Discuss The Truth Of This Statement With Referances To Mollie, Boxer And Napo

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In the novel Animal Farm, the writer satirizes certain characters, in an effort to depict society in a humorous way. This essay will focus on the characters of Boxer, Mollie and Napoleon.
Boxer, described as a huge strong horse, is used by Orwell to represent the proletariat or working class of Russia. Orwell may have been a socialist, but he didn’t hesitate to give a less than flattering portrayal of the mighty beast. Amongst Boxers qualities of being brave, loyal, selfless and compassionate, he is largely criticized for his stupidity and gullible attitude. Harsh isn’t it?
Throughout the book Boxer takes on the motto’s “I will work harder.” And “Napoleon is always right.”, by doing this ...view middle of the document...

In another quote Orwell makes reference to Mollies laziness. “She was late for work every morning and excused herself by saying that she had over slept” Orwell believed that the middle class in Russia weren’t completely against communism, but they didn’t want to make any sacrifices to make it a reality.
Eventually Mollie runs away from the farm in search of a more comfortable life where she could receive all the luxuries she had in Jones’ time. Similarly, the middle class in Russia fled to the west when they were asked to give up their luxuries. Coincidence? I think not.
Some farmers name their pigs Wilbur; others name them after tyrannical dictators. By naming Napoleon (the pig) after Napoleon (the crazy French man), Orwell is referring to the possibility that Karl Marx’ theory of “communism” had the same faults as the French theory of “liberty”. That is, corruption.
Orwell uses Napoleons character to illustrate the Russian leader Joseph Stalin. Orwell’s dislike for the leader is clearly noted. He criticizes the Soviet leaders by depicting them as power hungry pigs.
When the farm experienced a food shortage Napoleon...

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