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The book 1984 depicts a society unimaginable to most; however, a further look shows us that we actually do live in an Orwellian society. Orwell describes a country called Oceania made of multiple continents which is ruled by the dictatorial “Big Brother” who uses different systems like the “thought police” and “telescreens” in order to have full control over the country. Our democratic government, through organizations such as the NSA and NGI, can look through our most private conversations and moments using spyware. Due to the secrecy of the government, citizens in 1984, as well as those in our society, fear the government.
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Then the government will be able to quickly identify anyone through facial recognition. The thought police are comparable to airport security. The thought police can supposedly read the citizens’ minds and arrest people if they are thinking rebellious thoughts. The Party has also infiltrated families by putting in the Junior Spies programs, which the kids think is fun, that help the thought police get inside these families. According to Fox News, the Homeland Security is using a new program called Malintent that can look at various signs like blood pressure and heart rate to read the intentions of a persons mind. If you are even thinking of a bomb, you will be arrested.
Because of the secrecy of the Oceania government and the US government, citizens have a lot to fear about their government. Source C shows the power of the government when the speaker states, “I’ll assume there aren’t any other questions.” The press and media are afraid of the speaker. After Snowden released thousands of classified documents, we all learned that the government is hiding too much information and the NSA could be reading this essay right now. Snowden also leaked information that the US is trying to use new technology in order to spy over the citizens including drone technology. Now, numerous articles are written about our privacy that has caused uproar in lives of Americans. In many horror movies, the actors are portrayed with anxiety and morbid fear when they are being watched, comparable to the same situation we are in. We cannot trust the government any more. Likewise in Oceania, people like Winston are scared of the Party because of these telescreens, which can...

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