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Osama Essay

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Osama is a film in which the director and producer depict the life of Afghanistan women and portray their struggle for equality in the country. They are forbidden to work and to even go into the streets without a male accompanying them. It was hard times for females as it was and without a male in their lives it was even harder for them to survive. So a 12-year-old girl and her family, which consisted of her mother and grandmother, were forced to change her into a boy in order for them not to starve to death. Without any other option she was turned into “Osama” even though she did not want to because she was proud of her sexuality but circumstances lead her to go along with it.The film begins with a crowd of women on the streets of their little town protesting and holding up signs demanding equality and their rights. The male come and water them down and basically humiliate them for even trying to speak up and yet they are demanding rights. So the little girl sees this and she gets it in her head that they are unequal and less then the men. Back at home her and her family are without money to eat and without food. Her mom holds on to a little job at a “hospital” but its not enough pay to feed all three of them so they decide to turn the young 12 year old girl into a young 12 year old boy in order for her to get a job and make some money so they can buy food to survive. She reluctantly gets her haircut, which is a symbol of her feminism and fits her self into her fathers clothes and the next day finds a job.She starts bringing in bread and milk for her family but yet does not know how to act like a boy. She has trouble hiding her true identity as she works and meets people...

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