Osborne Propellers Operation Management Essay

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Executive summaryThe objective of our client project is to develop an operations plan addressing a real life operations management challenge the company faces. We first provide a detailed background of the company and identified one of the company’s crucial problems related to operations management. We then use a collaborative approach to prepare the technology analysis and solutions for the company. The technology analysis includes Product Technology, Process Technology as well as Enterprise Resource Planning. In product technology, we suggest that the company should use only the highest quality casting components to operate with optimum efficiency and without noise or vibration. We also believe that the management team must utilize the website to create awareness and improve company’s reputation in discussion of electronic commerce. In addition, we highly recommend that the company should establish an integrated information system like ERP and utilize resources to upgrading the old machines if it is economically viable. Eventually, we briefly discussed the technology strategy and company’s financial situation with implementation of ERP.Although the company had failed to stay competitive, we believe that with the right combination of technologies, it ones again will become the leading company in the propeller manufacturing industry.BACKGROUNDOsborne Propellers is a local business that has been established in 1935 by Robert A. Osborne. Entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s CEO allowed this medium size venture to show good returns for the first twenty years in operation. By the early fifties, young and energetic Robert Osborne was able to establish positive reputation for the company in British Columbia as well as in Washington, Oregon and California. Robert Osborne came up with a mission statement for the business: "Osborne Propellers offers unsurpassed durability, quality and customer service in the production and repair of marine propellers for commercial, recreational and military vessels. Our in house propeller services cover the full spectrum of propeller repair and manufacturing capabilities from inspection and design through to delivery of finished products". This statement reflected reality for some time, but due to the particular aspects of the business that were not altered as the industry developed downfall of the business became imminent.Robert Osborne was on top of the game, he was able to manufacture propellers effectively and efficiently during 1950's and 1960's. During this time business grew from four employees to twelve full time workers. New management, marketing and accounting staff was hired and consisted of five sales representatives, accountant, two marketing employees, three managers and the CEO. As the organization expanded propeller production significantly increased from six propellers to over eighteen propellers a week. Furthermore, Osborne propellers had achieved greater market share in the...

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