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Throughout history there has been many problems involving racial profiling and police misconduct. Very rarely do police get the proper punishment for their wrong doings. One of the most recent cases was the Oscar Grant case. Oscar Grant was 22 years old when he was killed because of police misconduct. He was killed on New Year’s Day 2009 by Ex-BART cop Johannes Mehserle. This misconduct made the people of Oakland extremely angry because they lost one of their own. After the shooting many people around Oakland started protesting. This lasted for months on end because people were very angry. Bystanders videotaped the incident. This has been one of the most racially polarizing cases in California (Ravindhran).
On New Year’s Day 2009, the police were called because a fight broke out on a train in Oakland, California. Oscar Grant and some of his friends were pulled off the train by former cop Johannes Mehserle. Grant struggled some with the officers while being arrested, but then he was restrained. Oscar Grant was lying on the platform when Johannes Mehserle shot him around 2 am. Granted had both hands behind his back and he was also unarmed when he was shot (Bulwa). The shooting made national headlines because bystanders videotaped it. These videos went viral and they made their way to the news (Cater).
Johannes Mehserle was arrested on January 13th for the murder of Oscar Grant. Mehserle was granted bail; it was set at three million dollars (Bulwa). He testified that he thought that Oscar Grant had a weapon and was going to stock him with his stun gun but by accident he pulled out his gun. The prosecutors were trying to get him convicted of second-degree murder, by saying Mehserle was angry with Grant for resting the arrest (Honeycutt). The prosecutors also said that they want Mehserle to be convicted of second-degree murder because the officer never said anything to his fellow officers that night that the shooting was an accident. Johannes Mehserle pleaded not guilty for the murder of Oscar Grant (Leonard). Carlos Reyes, who was sitting near Grant when he was shot, testified saying that Officer Mehserle was surprised when he shot Oscar. While Oscar kept repeating you shot me (Bulwa). The trial has to be moved to Los Angeles because of the media coverage in Bay Area (Richardson).
Mehserle testified that he wanted to use his Taser because he thought that Oscar grant was reaching for a weapon in his pants pocket. Mehserle gun was on his right side, while his Taser holster was on left side of his belt. Alameda County Deputy Dist. Atty. David Stein reject the idea that Mehserle made a mistake,...

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