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OSCAR HISTORYThe Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is a professional honorary organization composed of over 6,000 motion picture artists and craftsmen and women. The purposes of the Academy are to advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures; foster cooperation among creative leaders for cultural, educational and technological progress; recognize outstanding achievements; cooperate on technical research and improvement of methods and equipment; provide a common forum and meeting ground for various branches and crafts; represent the viewpoint of actual creators of the motion picture; and foster educational activities between the professional community and the public-at-large.The Academy's field of activity does not include economic, labor, or political matters. The Academy was organized in May, 1927, as a nonprofit corporation chartered under the laws of California. Its original 36 members included production executives and film luminaries of the time.Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. was the first president. Others have been William deMille, M. C. Levee, Conrad Nagel, J. Theodore Reed, Frank Lloyd, Frank Capra, Walter Wanger, Bette Davis, Jean Hersholt, Charles Brackett, George Seaton, George Stevens, B. B. Kahane, Valentine Davies, Wendell Corey, Arthur Freed, Gregory Peck, Daniel Taradash, Walter Mirisch, Howard W. Koch, Fay Kanin, Gene Allen, Robert E. Wise, Richard Kahn, Karl Malden, Arthur Hiller and Robert Rehme. Current president Frank Pierson took office in August 2001.From its founding until 1946, when it moved into a building in Hollywood, the Academy occupied a number of rented offices. In December of 1975, the Academy dedicated its new seven-story headquarters at 8949 Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills.For the first time in the organization's history, the Players Directory, the Margaret Herrick Library, the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, its administrative offices, and other facilities were all located under one roof.Within a decade, however, the rapid growth of the holdings of both the Herrick Library and the Film Archive had necessitated the search for a new separate facility. In 1988, a 55-year lease was arranged with the City of Beverly Hills for the conversion of its historic Waterworks building in La Cienega Park into the new home of the Academy's film research facilities, now known as the Center for Motion Picture Study.Membership in the Academy is by invitation of the Board of Governors and is limited to those who have achieved distinction in the arts and sciences of motion pictures. Some of the criteria for admittance are: film credits of a caliber that reflect the high standards of the Academy, receipt of an Academy Award nomination, achievement of unique distinction, earning of special merit, or making of an outstanding contribution to film.Members represent 13 branches -- Actors, Art Directors, Cinematographers, Directors, Executives, Film Editors, Music, Producers, Public Relations, Short Films and Feature Animation, Sound,...

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803 words - 4 pages only three years of being released from prison, at the age of forty-six, Oscar Wilde died of meningitis on November 30,1900 (Boilard). Influences/Motivations: As a young child Wilde was influenced by his family history, which was filled with a high level of education and literature. This was essentially the backbone for Wilde's interest in writing. One of Wilde's greatest influences in his life was an ancient history teacher, John Mahaffy from

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2275 words - 10 pages ”. Likewise; those are the bases where the brief wondrous life of Oscar Wao will elapse, bases that united history with sci-fi. The mix of nationalities that makes impossible the idea of nation and the curse that traces the history of the Dominican Republic which pursues the family of Oscar, is the form of imprisonment and torture that this whole story involves. The novel is divided into three parts and at the same time those very same parts are

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1901 words - 8 pages On October 16, 1854, the eccentric and fervently revered Oscar Fingal O’Flahertie Wills Wilde was born in Dublin, Ireland. Wilde’s work as a dramatist, novelist, and poet was marked by controversial wit, and was often the subject of moral outrage in Europe. Much of his writing reflected his own life and his protest against societal norms happening during the nineteenth century. His only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, was greatly attacked for

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