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Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. Created to help employers and employees reduce on the job injuries, illness, and death. Since OSHA was created work place deaths have decreased by 60%, injuries and illness have been decreased by 40%. It has beneficially lowered training cost due to fewer replacement workers, and overtime has also been decreased. OSHA directs national compliance in occupational Health and Safety. Workers compliance Insurance cost, medical cost, and decreased payouts to Return- to- work programs all reduce when Employers / companies stay safe and healthy in the work environment.
OSHA’s strategies to help employers and employees are things like enforcement, assistance, and cooperation’s. In enforcement OSHA makes sure their regulations are followed. In Assistance OSHA offers outreach and training to employees and employers. In cooperation OSHA has Partnerships and alliances with voluntary programs.
OSHA also promotes health place safety and health by things such as; Implementing new health and safety systems, completing routine work site inspections, establishing and making sure they are followed specific rights and responsibilities, and promoting programs.
Theirs only a few things that the OSH Act does not cover such as, the self-employed, immediate family of farm employers that do not have outside workers. Also federal agencies that have their own worker safety and health requirements. Even employees of the state and local governments’. OSHA has approved state plans, twenty two states have purposed to develop their own Health and Safety Acts but within doing that they have to follow Federal OSHA requirements. OSHA is also part of the United States Department of Labor, which has developed some of the rules and regulations for OSHA.
OSHA has created very many programs, for training and to benefit OSHA altogether. These programs are spread across the country and benefit OSHA in many ways. Some of the programs are ones such as OSSP, which is the OSHA Strategic Partnership Program. VPP, which is Voluntary Protection Program. And SHARP, which is the Safety, Health Achievement Recognition Program. All created to better the Health and Safety of American Workers.
Record Keeping is the biggest deal in dealing with OSHA. Employers and employees are required to prepare and maintain records of serious occupational illness, and injuries...

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