Osmosis Experiment Essay

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Osmosis Experiment



The main subject that I will be planning to investigate is the effects
of a concentrated sucrose solution on potato cells on the basis of the
Osmosis theory.

Background knowledge:

The plant cell and its structure

To understand osmosis in detail I will need to explain the plant cell
(which is the cell included in the osmosis experiment) and its cell
membrane. Below I have a diagram of a plant cell:


Osmosis is about the movement of particles from a higher concentrated
solution to a lower concentrated solution to create an ethical balance
via a partially or semi permeable cell membrane. Osmosis in simple
terms is the exchange of particles between the cytoplasm inside the
cell and the solution outside the cell. What makes
this exhange is the partially permable cell membrane. This cell
membrane plays an important part in Diffusion.

Cell membrane and Diffusion

Diffusion is the movement of the molecules of gas or liquids from a
higher concentrated region to a lower concentration through the
partially permeable cell membrane along a concentraion gradient. This
explanation is in the diagram shown below:



When a plant cell is placed in a dilute solution or a less
concentrated solution then the water particles pass through the
partially permeable membrane and fill the cell up with water. The cell
then becomes Turgor or hard. An example of this is a strong
well-watered plant.


However when the plant cell is placed in a more concentrated solution
the water inside the cell passes out the cell. The cytoplasm then
pulls away from the cell wall and the cell becomes flaccid or limp.
The cell would be described as plasmolysed. An example of this would
be a wilting plant without any water.

Active transport

There are times when the substance moves from the low concentrated
region to the high concentrated region. This is called Active
transport and also takes up more energy than usual diffusion.

Method of experiment

It would be more accurate to explain the apparatus and then relating
to the method of the experiment, how the actual apparatus is used in
the experiment.


· 6 potatoes

· 6 beakers

· Pure distilled water

· Metal clamp, or stand

· Pieces of string

· Potato cutter or alternatively a Stanley knife

· Weighing scale

· Measuring cylinder

· Stop watch or any other instrument to record time

· Mixing tool, such as a spatula or metal piece etc

· Sugar

· Safety specs

The experiment is to investigate in osmosis, I will be using 6
potatoes solely for the purpose of keeping the experiment more
accurate, the potatoes will be placed over 6 beakers, each of these
beakers shall...

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