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Osmosis Investigation Essay

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Osmosis Investigation

How different concentrations of sucrose solution effect potato tissue.


How do different concentrations of sucrose solution effect potato

Background Information

Osmosis is the movement of water molecules though a partially
permeable membrane from an area of high water potential to an area of
low water potential.

High Concentration

Low Concentration

The membrane lets small water molecules pass though but not large

The flow continues until the concentration becomes the same on the
inside as on the outside. This is called equilibrium.

Molarity is a measure of concentration.


I predict that the potato will change in mass and in length. I believe
this because each Molarity of sucrose will change the potato's water
content. This will happen because either the concentration will higher
in the sucrose and lower in the Tubas or lower in the sucrose and
higher in the Tubers. Therefore water will travel in or out of the
potatoes cell though its partial permeable membrane.

Preliminary Method

· I will firstly get 10 test tubes and to test tube racks

· Then I will cut 9 pieces of potato

· I will then get 3 different Concentrations of sucrose solution and
add 20cm3 to each test tube

· Cut a 4 mm in diameter tuba to 1 cm in length

· Now I will measure the length and mass

· Now place the pieces in

· Now leave this for 15 minutes

· Now I will measure the length and mass

Preliminary Results

After we did the Preliminary Test we decided to use 1 cm long 4 mm
diameter tubas. We would put them in 25 cm3 sucrose solutions. I don't
have any actual results because the potato tubas shrivelled up in the


1. I took two average sized ground potatoes and checked that they were
both healthy and hard.

2. Using a standard kitchen knife I peeled the potatoes and used a
potato tuba to cut 18 equally size tubas

3. Using a scalpel and ruler I cut the potato into lengths of 4mm by
10mm. I had to be very careful whilst cutting the potato as the
scalpel is exceptionally sharp. I then had 18 tubas

4. Taking a test tube rack I placed 18 test tubes in it and then
labelled them (0.00M, 0.25M, 0.50M, 1.00M, 1.50M, 2.00M)

5. Using a measuring cylinder I measured out 25cm3. I then poured this
carefully into each of the 18 test tubes.

6. I then weighed every potato chip on an electronic balance and
recorded the weights.

7. I swiftly put 3 potato chips into each test tube and then started
my stopwatch. 3 chips were used to create an average which gave me a
better set of results and more accurate graphs.

8. Whilst waiting I set out some paper towels with which I was going
to dry the tuba.

9. After 15 minutes I drained out the solutions in the sink and placed
all the tubas on the paper towel in the order. I wrote on these towels
which molar they came from and the...

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