The Negative Impact Of Otc And Pescription Drugs

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Advil, Aleve, Tylenol, Benadryl, Sudafed, Claritin, Nyquil. The list seems to never end and they all achieve the same purpose. Forget wanting to feel better, America craves a binge drug to provide hope in the oh-so relentless cold that has been affecting them for longer than desired. Of the millions upon millions of people who daily rely on OTC and prescription drugs to suppress their cold, headache, heart burn etc, many do not understand the impact of drug consumerism on a broad scale. What is at stake? Is our need for over the counter drugs and prescriptions becoming customary instead of necessary? Should over the counter and prescription drugs be regulated more strictly? The adaptation of drugs like most staple products is a reliance that may be more intricate than previously acknowledged.
Since the discovery of herbal remedies to treat wounds and other illnesses since the beginning of human existence, adaptation techniques to cure ailments have been crucial to protect the well being and sustenance of physical and mental health. As shown by recordings that suggest the presence of herbal remedies by early humans and then the development of medicine by ancient societies such as the Egyptians and Greeks, the need for gluttonous consumption of inessential medicine has captured the eyes of society. Although vital medicines to treat important diseases and viruses have been used in the continuing of population growth and health efficiently, the foundation for excessive medicinal refinement has ironically caused the production of niche markets for seemingly comforting purposes. Beginning with Romans, who provided sage as medical treatment for emotional purposes as early as 98 AD, claiming that it was a healer for the spirit, providers have aimed to entice the public by means of premeditated business as opposed to accommodation. From then until now, with the multitude of eye popping commercials and ads that evoke emotional and logical appeal to support the continually growing consumerism of drugs, companies and suppliers of medicine strive to promote generally superfluous remedies for natural inconveniences that subside, like the common cold. What seems to be most unnerving, besides the aggressive commercialization and marketing of companies like Claritin, Nyquil and Sudafed, is the prevalence of unnecessary OTC and prescription drugs in affluent countries versus the lack of essential medicinal availability in non affluent countries. What does that say about our conventional perspective of providers and consumers?
When the dreaded common cold relapses, many Americans have the luxury of preparing with a complete array of assistive products. Household names such as Kleenex, Campbells, Halls and more recently in modern culture, companies such as Robitussin exemplify the luxury of convenience in more privileged societies. The continual sound of commercials that ask competitive demonstrations of profitibilty are routed within the medicine industry by...

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