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Othello Essay Describing The Effectiveness And Importance Of Act Three Scene Three.

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'Othello'The play 'Othello' was written in the 17th Century by William Shakespeare, at this time blacks were often seen as strange, mysterious and exotic. In the play Shakespeare breaks the stereotype; Othello, whom is black, has outstanding qualities and is the hero in many senses. Othello is a tragic play involving romance, love, murder and deceit.Through the use of imagery, characterization, language and his use of dramatic devices, Shakespeare illustrates the importance and effectiveness of Act Three Scene Three.In Act Three Scene Three, Cassio, having obtained Desdemona's promise of help, takes his leave- but not before Othello has seen him with Desdemona. Iago is quick to rouse Othello's qualms, and when Desdemona begins to plead for Cassio she finds little response from her husband. Iago renews his attack on the moor, whose trust in Desdemona begins to vacillate. When Desdemona drops her handkerchief it is picked up by Emilia, who, oblivious of what her husband plans to use it for, gives it to him. Othello returns and Iago continues to stimulate his jealousy, finally Othello is convinced. His trust in Desdemona is shattered, and he vows revenge. Iago promises assistance; in this the central scene of the play, Othello begins to lose control of the situation and Iago takes possession.During Act Three Scene Three the audience witnesses a turn of events, through his knowledge of other characters and his manipulation, Iago is able to stimulate 'the green-eyed monster' within Othello. Slowly in this scene, the audience start to see a change in Othello, his vulnerability is exploited to great depths by Iago. From the moment Iago enters with Othello he plants suspicion in Othello's mind, 'Ha! I like not that'(Act Three, Scene Three, line 35) he says that he could not imagine that Cassio 'would steal away so guilty-like seeing you coming' (Act Three, Scene Three, lines 38-40). Throughout the scene Othello's mind in divided in two, one side is losing trust in Desdemona and the other side is convinced that without conclusive evidence, there is no point in making assumptions. This is clear in his speech, 'and yet, how nature erring from itself'( Act Three, Scene Three, line 225) in these lines it is clear that he doubts Desdemona's loyalty, yet when he says, 'If she be false, O then heaven mocks itself! I'll not believe't' (Act Three, Scene Three, line 277) evidently in these lines he is saying that Desdemona is too good to do something as bad as adultery. One of the most significant quotes in the play is when Othello tells Iago; 'give me the ocular proof' (Act Three, Scene Three, line 357) this is a big turning point in the play. It is through luck that Iago had just grasped the 'ocular proof' that Desdemona was having an affair with Cassio; the handkerchief. Iago once again uses his skills to trap Othello in his web of deceit, first Iago tells Othello of Cassio's lusty dream, 'There are a kind of men so loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter...

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