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Othello: Roles Of Cassio, Roderigo, And Brabantio, And Their Functions

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The play 'Othello' by William Shakespeare is about three very important characters, Cassio, Roderigo and Brabantio, and their roles in the story.Cassio is an honourable lieutenant and a soldier, who isvery loyal and caring towards his commanding officer, Othello, as shownin one of many places, act two scene one line 45-48 when he is concernedabout Othello's well being because he has been lost at sea and says:Thanks, you the valiant of this warlike isle, That so approve the Moor! O,let the heavens Give him the defense against the elements, For I have losthim on a dangerous seaIn the beginning of the play Cassio is appointed to the position oflieutenant by Othello, so Cassio at first has his highest respect, untillater in the play where Othello believes he is having an affair withDesdemona. Cassio's role in the play is not one of the extremelyimportant ones. His main function is to be a figure who's actions arepartially responsible for Othello believing that his wife is cheating onhim. For example, Cassio asking for Desdemona's help leads to the two ofthem being seen together, which is in act three scene three line 35. Inthe end of the play, Cassio becomes the governor in Cyprus after theformer Governor, Othello, commits suicide, in act five scene two fromline 366-378, which shows another of his functions, to act as one of themeans which ties up the loose ends at the end of the play.Now, Roderigo. Roderigo is a foolish, cheated, gulled, dimwit.Basically, his function in the play is to act as a lackey towards Iago.His obedience towards Iago can be compared to that of Lennie Smalltowards George Milton in the book Of Mice and Men, By John Steinbeck.He does whatever Iago tells him to do, consistently in the hope ofobtaining Desdemona's love. He never realizes that his chances for evergetting anywhere with her are just about non-existent. He frequentlygives valuables to Iago to give to Desdemona, which Roderigo tells offor the first time in the second line of the play, but Iago keepseverything for himself. Near the end of the play Roderigo is killed byIago after he tries to ambush Cassio on Iago's instructions. Thisoccurs in act five scene one, in line 62. He only functions as a meansfor Iago to carry out his hateful plans.Finally, Brabantio. Brabantio's role is that he is the father ofDesdemona. He is one of the lesser developed characters in the play, aswell as being the...

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