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Othello's Downfall Essay

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The Pride of Othello Essay

1034 words - 4 pages The Pride of Othello     In Shakespeare's Othello, Othello's pride prevents him from finding the truth, eventually leading to his demise. Initially, Othello and Desdemona are deeply in love, despite her father's disapproval of their marriage. However, when Othello promotes Cassio instead of Iago to Lieutenant, Iago has his revenge by convincing Othello that Desdemona cheats on him with Cassio, destroying the marriage

othello Essay

707 words - 3 pages reason's behind Othello's hateful attitude towards her, Iago unfurls a side of him which the audience had not yet encountered; he is remorseful and actually tries to comfort Desdemona. With regards to plot, Desdemona is partly the driving force behing Othello's downfall. Her assertiveness is clear when she insists on going to Cyrpus with her husband, 'Let me go with him', whihc makes the audience doubt who has the upperhand in their marriage

Othello's Failing is that he is too trusting

1132 words - 5 pages problem which comes to bring about the Othello's downfall. Othello should not have trusted Iago as much when it came to his love life, for Iago was not there for advice on this subject. Despite this, Othello trusts Iago so much because of his military connections as Ancient, that Iago is able to manipulate him at any time. Iago seems reluctant at times to tell Othello his thoughts so that it seems as though it was Othello who thought of the plans

Blindness to reality is one of the characteristics of Shakespeare's tragic heroes. How is this blindness exemplified in Othello's case?

1101 words - 4 pages still naïve ? he is blind to reality and this causes his downfall. This is concurrent with the persona of a tragic hero. Othello's blindness to reality is manifested in a number of ways, one of which is his blindness to human nature. It is through Othello's blindness where Iago manages to carry his diabolic plan to ruin Othello.Othello has an open and trusting nature. He is unaware of the corruptness of other individuals due to this quality

importance of Cassio

913 words - 4 pages of their love. Presumably Iago seeks to destroy Cassio by making Othello think that the former is sleeping with his wife, resulting into him wanting to kill Cassio, 'Within these three days let me hear thee say/ that Cassio is not alive.' Having said that Othello's downfall is brought about Iago's false accusations towards Cassio. In Othello, Cassio is not only important because he plays a big role in Othello's undoing but also because he puts

Othello, by William Shakespeare, as a tragedy

1128 words - 5 pages hero's downfall is caused by a character flaw is one convention of a tragic play in which the play 'Othello' follows. As the hero of the play, Othello, possess many flaws, which ultimately causes his downfall. Othello's trusting nature, being his most fatal flaw, as Iago easily manipulated him. This is seen through Othello's dialogue "honest, honest Iago". This repetition emphasises Othello's trust towards Iago, how he believes that Iago isn't

William Shakespeare's "Othello" is more than just a tragedy. Discuss

1032 words - 4 pages reputation that leads to the tragic events which occurred in the play.'Othello" by William Shakespeare is more than just a tragedy. The consequences of jealousy, the power of love and the importance of reputation are explored. It is through the combination of tragedy and these themes that the responder is able to view Othello's downfall and the consequences of Iago's manipulation.

Othello essay - "To what extent is Iago responsible for the tragedy?

1058 words - 4 pages The character of Iago in Shakespeare's "Othello" is possibly Shakespeare's darkest character, not because he kills other characters but for his almost supernatural ability to manipulate the other figures of the play. He manipulates the other characters into following their own agendas and all the while coming closer to his goal of bringing Othello to his downfall. However, Iago needs an ally if he is going to destroy Othello, this comes in the

Having looked at a variety of critical studies, and having weighed the evidence, what do you consider to be the most important motives behind Iago's actions in Shakespeare's 'Othello'?

1615 words - 6 pages One of the most interesting and complex characters in 'Othello' is "Honest" Iago. His manipulative language, deceptive nature and the ambiguity surrounding his motives and actions engage the audience from the beginning. Although the importance of Othello's tragic flaw is undeniable, Iago's coolly manipulative nature plays a definitive part in Othello's downfall. He predicts and largely controls other characters' actions and is the driving force

"Othello" by William Shakespeare

1670 words - 7 pages confronted with her alleged infidelity was driven to an insane jealousy which clouded his clear judgement and he found coldness and hate within himself he never knew existed "My heart is turned to stone: I strike it and it hurts my hand" (act IV, scene I). This insane jealousy is one of the forces which prove to be Othello's downfall, and is the very cause of the tragedy in Othello and therefore, Othello is primarily a play about jealousy.Racism is a

Language being used as a tool to affect our emotions

1397 words - 6 pages ?' These questions, almost always being asked to Iago, show Othello's leadership role diminishing. He has given Iago the upper hand. Now that Othello is relying on Iago for information, the roles have reversed and Othello is no longer able to gather his thoughts or come to any kind of decision (especially regarding his own wife) without the help of Iago. This fully shows the reader the downfall of Othello's character, from his personal life to his work

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3951 words - 16 pages To what extent is Othello's downfall, the result of his own Character?We are first introduced to Othello in Act One, Scene Two. This is a very intimate scene between Iago and Othello. Iago has now joined Othello and has told him about Rodrigo's betrayal of the news of his marriage to Brabantio's daughter. Iago continues his deliberate misrepresentation, swearing to Othello that he could have killed Roderigo for what he did:'Though in the trade

What Are The Qualities Othello Possesses Which Makes It A Tragedy?

1149 words - 5 pages Othello's character, circumstance and the eventual catharsis of fear and pity are the qualities that make Othello a tragedy. Othello's position of eminence accentuates his eventual downfall, and his tragic flaw is essential in both the circumstances created and in the resulting catharsis. Shakespeare creates an accumulation of fear and pity, through the harsh deception of Othello, and catharsis occurs when Othello is released from this situation

'othello' By William Shakespeare Essay

1068 words - 4 pages The analogy of a person shooting (killing with a gun) another person, clearly describes who held the responsibility of Othello's downfall in the play Othello by William Shakespeare. In this situation, there is no doubt, as to who is responsible for the death - the person who pulled the trigger, or the person who was shot. No matter how foolishly the victim acts, the trigger, in the end is pulled by the murderer. Similarly, despite the fact that

To What Extent Is Othello Responsible For His Own Downfall?

1536 words - 6 pages A tragedy is the story of an individual whose downfall is brought about by specific defects in his character, tragic flaws. The play, Othello, is a twisted tale of deceit and revenge. Iago creates an alternate world filled with lies, that unfortunately consumes the trusting and naive Othello. Othello's downfall comes about due to a combination of the influence of Iago and the fatal character flaws of the otherwise virtuous Othello.Iago