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Othello's Failing Is That He Is Too Trusting.

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In William Shakespeare's play "Othello", we witness the fall of a once powerful and authoritative leader crumble into a disheveled form of his old self. This collapse occurs mainly because of the fact that Othello is too trusting. As a great leader, he has inspired fear into the hearts of his men at what will happen if they do not obey him. Thus, Othello has become used to expecting his own men to do as he wishes. He is an extremely powerful man, yet he would trust his life on those less capable than himself, such as Iago and Roderigo. Despite this trust in his military associates, he is less competent in trusting those he loves, Desdemona. One could make of this that he more unquestioning of those he knows only as associates than those who he loves. He considers the severity of the military more trustable than the one person who he loves the most. Othello's hamatia is that he has double standards in that he trusts his minions more than his own wife.Iago is the man that Othello is most trusting in, and the one person who is mostly responsible for his downfall. Iago is duplicitous in nature, and Machiavellian in his approach to the breakdown of the 'Moor'. Othello trusts Iago because of his close relation to him in the military, and when it comes to his love life he still has the same amount of faith in Iago. This is a fatal problem which comes to bring about the Othello's downfall. Othello should not have trusted Iago as much when it came to his love life, for Iago was not there for advice on this subject. Despite this, Othello trusts Iago so much because of his military connections as Ancient, that Iago is able to manipulate him at any time. Iago seems reluctant at times to tell Othello his thoughts so that it seems as though it was Othello who thought of the plans himself. When Iago says, "I am to pray you not to strain my speech", it shows the reluctance in his efforts, for if he is too authoritative Othello may begin to distrust him. This means that it was not easy for Iago to control Othello, and the plan could have fallen apart at any stage. Iago is often questioned by Othello ("Away at once with love or jealousy"), but is able to squirm his way out of it. Iago is able to take advantage of Othello's inexperience in relationships, for Othello has not been in love before, whereas Iago has the experience of Emilia in marriage. Therefore Othello believes that he can trust Iago. Othello trusts Iago too much and as a consequence is able to manipulate him so that he falls from a once great man gradually to a mentally frail dupe.Othello also explores the relationship between one's public and private life. In Othello's case, he was as trusting, if not more trusting, in his public associates as in his private friends. This is mainly for the reason that he was such a powerful military general and that he was used to everybody obeying him, if not they would pay the price. Othello was colonized into a military way of thinking, which led to his total...

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