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Othello:The Role Of Women Essay

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An analysis of women being victims in Othello: Othello is a play written by William Shakespeare in the 1600s, this essay is from a feminist perspective. The main ideas of Othello are jealousy and revenge. In this play there are only three women in the entire play. The three women are Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca. Desdemona is the wife of Othello and the daughter of Brabantio; she is one of the main characters in the play. Emilia is the wife of Iago and Desdemona handmaiden. Bianca is a prostitute, Cassio visits her very often, and it is said that they have a relationship, but no one’s certain about it. All these women are used to help Iago get revenge.
According to Brabantio Desdemona lives ...view middle of the document...

All these things are ways how Desdemona lived so dangerously.
In the play Emilia’s actions and ultimate fate tell us that she loves her husband and Desdemona and she would do anything for them, her fate tell us that women had hardworking jobs too and that they had to be strong (emotionally). In Othello I knew that Emilia was strong when she stated everything Iago did, in front of Iago.” O thou dull Moor! That handkerchief thou speak’st of I found by fortune and did give my husband. For often, with a solemn earnestness More than indeed belonged to such a trifle He begged of me to steal it.” Emilia had confessed about stealing the handkerchief for her husband. She is also strong because she watched her mistress die right before her own eyes. “A guiltless death I die.” Desdemona stated when she was dying in front of Othello and Emilia. Emilia was right when she stated “that men eat and belch out women”. I feel she is correct because men do use women and when they don’t want them no more they let them go, not all men but most of them.
In Othello Iago uses Emilia to get the handkerchief.” (Picking up the handkerchief) I’m glad I found this handkerchief…….I nothing but to please his fantasy.” Iago uses Emilia to steal Desdemona handkerchief, Iago need the handkerchief to place it in Cassio possession so he can say Desdemona gave it to him, and this is why Shakespeare included Emilia in the play and gave her such prominence at the climax. The author also uses Bianca because if Bianca wasn’t used Iago wouldn’t have no evidence for both the handkerchief and for Cassio falling in love. Both women have a large effect on the climax. I believe that Bianca reinforce the view of women in the play.
In Othello there are...

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