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Love reminds you that nothing else matters, all you need is love, and love is what makes the world go round. I never really knew that such short, common phrases could be so harmful. Because it seems like today everyone’s just throwing around the idea that love is a Band Aid and will heal all your wounds, or that love is the one thing in life that really truly matters. Due to this, certain people can feel incomplete, and in some cases, depressed.
First I want to talk about sacrafices peple tend to make for love. Acoording to an article from the Greater Good, it’s not rare for a serious relationships to require moving away from were one lives to help there partner presue a ...view middle of the document...

Out of all of them,
Eleven percent feared growing old alone, seven percent feared never having children or a family, another seven said they would feel worthless alone, four percent feared negative judgments from others, and three percent said any relish; even if it was considered abusive, would be better than none at all. (Speilman)
These statistics are horrifying. The fact that certain people feel worthless alone, and that someone would rather be in an abusive relationship then alone. At some point we need to start to realize there’s a problem. We need to start teaching people that romantic love may not be the most important thing. That we should try and find happiness and excitement from our friends and family members.
Another movie I really enjoyed as a kid was Cinderella. I really enjoyed how Cinderella found her prince; got out of her horrible life, all her problems were solved, and she lived happily ever after. And although...

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