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Our System At Its Finiest Essay

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People find joy in others pain. Through time, there’s always going to be an obstacle in life preventing people to achieve their goal. Structural violence is a form of higher authority restricting (in a hidden approach) lower classes to reach to their level of authorization and control. Gender role for women and some men are obstacles because of sexism, responsibilities and double standards. In almost all countries, many leaders are controlled by males and leaving women or men, who don’t meet the expectation, excluded from ever getting power to help the people. Sexism is still impacted in many of the eastern countries, many women’s still can vote because of their gender. Women go through many expectations and rules so their voice can be considered valuable. Poverty has become one of the biggest issue in the United States and rely on money, because money (in several countries) is key to survival. Second class and lower class citizens in the United States struggle with taxes and location of where they live and are receiving unfair healthcare because of their past health problems compare to other countries that you would consider a third world country who can provide free healthcare for everyone who live in there. Our justice system treat women in prison worse than men prisons, their health care aren’t as impressive as other men prisons; not only prisoners get mistreated but specific lower class neighborhoods too; targeting on second and lower classes for drug crime and homicides. Instead, white collars are not getting caught because of high class citizens dressing formally compared to lower class citizens. Overall, violence in society plays a large part in our lives through poverty, gender/sexism, and justice systems. A solution to end structural violence would be to help the people in need all around the world personally instead of sending/giving money to the government so they can use it for army uses and harming for civilians around the world.
Women in society don’t have much in “say” than what men do. Their voice isn’t as valuable as rich white men. It took women centuries to gain all their right that they have now. And until now, they’re still not in the same level as men. In the novel Violence, James Gilligan demonstrates that women in society are still inferior to men and after centuries of fighting for human, civil and justice rights, they haven’t been seen by men any more than just an object that can help populate the region. “Maximizing the polarization and asymmetry of the social roles of men and women. Nothing stimulates crime and violence more than the division of males and females into the roles of violence object and sex object, respectively” (189). Secretly, men have put restrictions on women and don’t realize just how inferior women are to men. Women would break their backs to prove how well women can be in politics or in things only men can do. Many women throughout their country had always “bit their tongue” because it wasn’t...

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