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Our Canadian Identity Essay

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There is a Canadian identity. Canada is influenced by my other countries on many levels (mainly the United States and Britain) but, there is still no other place in the world like Canada. There are many different cultural and ethnic groups in Canada, but Canada still has it's own identity. No other country in the world is exactly like Canada. There are similarities, but Canada is also different. Canada is very connected with the rest of the ...view middle of the document...

The country is bilingual and multicultural. There are many different religious groups in Canada and a lot of immigrants. A lot of new ideas and beliefs are brought into Canada from other countries, but that is part of our Canadian identity. Our Canadian identity is always changing and growing, we're very versatile and that's part of what our Canadian identity is. Other countries know us for being very multicultural and accepting.There is also a part of our Canadian identity that is our own and is different from every other country. Our history is something that will never change and is a firm base for our identity. We have to make sure we remember our history so we don't lose a very special part of our identity. Other things that make us different from every other country in the world are our symbols. No other country has a maple leaf on their flag or a landmark like the Great Lakes. Canada is the only country whose national animal is the beaver and little things like this are what sets us apart and make us unique. There is a Canadian identity and Canada is very open and accepting at the same time as being it's own country that isn't like anywhere else.

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