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Our Cell Phones Have Gotten Us Lost

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You are sitting at lunch with one of your best friends from grade school, enjoying their company and in come the distraction. They receive a notification on Facebook that someone liked their photo. Beginning long two hour Facebook frenzy and causing the two of you to miss out on valuable time. As minute as this seems it happens every day. More and more people are missing out on the relationships of their loved ones and turning to the cellphones for friendship. The use of cell phones has become so much more than a way of communication, but has become a hazard for relationships.
Since the early 1980’s cell phones have become more and more popular starting with the company Motorola. The very ...view middle of the document...

According to a study done by Scientific American the fact that a cell phone is even in the room can be a distraction. During this study the conductors separated two people and asked them to have a conversation. Inside of the booth there were two objects one room had a book and a pocket notebook and the other room contained a book and a cell phone.The pairs that interacted with the cell phone present reported have less closeness and lower relationship quality. In the same article by the Huffington Post that discusses the study italso reported that this disconnect will only continue, “with an increasing number of people suffering from nomophobia (or the fear of being without a phone), it seems the potentially deleterious effects of cell phones on relationships may become more and more apparent as time goes on” (Huffington Post). There is an actual phobia that people need to be around their phones!
Cell phones are taking over our relationships the people that we interact with on a daily and it may in the near destroy all contact. Dinner tables are not places where people discuss their days or talk over their most heartfelt moments. Mothers tend to forget their child;s excitece while at the park because they are focused what the other facebook moms are doing. Friendships aren’t even real genuine friendships anymore because the only time that you really talk to someone else is through a text message, when you need a shoulder to cry on you get a screen.
Dinner has lost it’s essence whether you are going out to a fancy resteraunt or eating a homecooked meal. People don’t see it as that anymore. At resteraunts the servers and the owners are becoming more and more aware of cellphones and are even being trained in the proper etiquette of cell phone diners. Back in the days you would think that using a cell phone at the dinner table was “rude” or “inconsiderate”. That a person that would do such a thing was very immature. In the article “When Diners Eyes Feast on Their Phones “ John Purcell shares it to be the exact opposite. "We noticed that once one person at the table took out their phone, instead of complaining, everyone else sort of did it," Instead of being centered and being set to hold on the the relationships the dinner table is now a place to mingle with your I-Phone.
The danger of not being able to communicate with one another at the dinner table is critical. A statistic about family dinner time states Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of smoking, drinking and using drugs; with a lower incidence of depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts; and with better grades in 11 to 18 year olds ( This includes the actual act of eating and talking during a meal which does not hppen when everyone is “Tweeting” what they are eating for dinner. We are all missing out on this valuable time with one another just to find out about someone else’s life.
The parent and child relationship is also suffering from too...

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