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Our Children Don’t Need To Learn More Languages In The Future.

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ESSAY: OUR CHILDREN DON'T NEED TO LEARN MORE LANGUAGES IN THE FUTURE."There are hundredsof languages in the world,but a smile speaks them all" (c)With technology progress advances communication between foreign countries. Nowadays everybody has to know english, because it's some kind of international language. And it's recommended to know some other languages: french, german, chineese as example. But our children don't need to learn more languages in the future. Why? We will find the answer from the text below.Some people say: "Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they know". It's obvious that it's silly to argue with this statement. It's really necessary, because language is the soul of intellect. But people are very slothful. And we know, that progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.Nowadays we have electronic dictionaries in our smartphones, some of them have voice recognition. Who could imagine that ten years ago? And who can imagine, what will we have in ten years? I will try. Everybody has installed dictionary in his gadget: phone, PC, Tablet PC, even in clocks. And this dictionary can translate all languages, even unimportant, like languages of small african villages. All the devices have voice recognition, so you don't need type text. And they can translate not only words, but phrases, sentences and even texts. But people learn languages, because you don't use dictionary while having conversation. Though in other 10 years mankind will get rid of this problem. Everybody will have small ear-device, which will translate all the words, all the languages, all the accents. People will just hear some echo of people, and the main thing - they will hear the translation instantly. Nowadays such devises are used on international meetings, political conventions. But they are far from perfect, there are still little mistakes, so programmers need some time to do ideal ear-translator.There are a lot of words, which have several meanings. As example phrasal...


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