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Henry Thoreau once stated that, “When a government is unjust, people should refuse to abide by the law and distance themselves from the administration in general”, which denotes that when a government is not being fair in rules that people could revolt (Straub 3). Begins the events which lead up to the Russian civil disobedience act in where Vladimir Putin was elected third-term once again, by cheating his way through and buying himself votes. People did not like this because it seemed to be an unfair move. The Russians had many conflicts with Putin when he governed Russia. Russians had reasons upon protesting against Putin because of the way he governed way very unfair. Russians also protested for the good of everyone not just one person. Vladimir Putin’s governing skills did not please the Russian people, which began the neglects in his election in having a better government and caused another civil disobedience movement.
To begin with, after the fraud made by Vladimir Putin in which many Russians began protesting. Firstly, according to the website “A Game of Roles,” the protesting only occurred a couple days after the election. The U.S.A. discovered the fraud yet many people also suspected it to be a fraud. Even so the U.S.A reported it to the Russian people. Beginning the cause of the many protesters crowding the Moscow streets (Case pars. 1 & 4). Secondly, the website “A Game of Roles” reports that many Russian protesters chat. ”Party of Swindler thieves”, “Putin is a thief” and “Russian without Putin” (Case par. 3). The protests begin as non-violent protests. Many protesters had taken walks on protesting as they held up signs for what each of them believed. Thirdly, according to the article, “Russian protests: 400 protesters arrested in latest uprising” claims that, police response somewhat aggressively to protesters (Clayfield par. 10). The reason is that Putin had limited Russians in freedom of speech. This causes protesters to turn violent (Clayfield par. 12). This shows that the response to Vladimir Putin’s third-term election was negative.
Secondly, there always has to be a reason for why people do what they do, as for the Russian society. Firstly, the website “A Game of Roles”, many of the Russians saw this immediate fraud that Putin made (Case par. 1). Many of the Russians were tired of Putin’s way of government (Case par. 1-5). Many saw it as an unjust move seen by the Russian people. Secondly, according to the book The Russia Enchantment of the World, “Putin limited power of the Russian people, limiting on freedom of speech” (Yomtov 71). As well as Vladimir Putin arrested many of those who opposed him in any way. Putin also corrupted the government in his years of president (Yomtov 71). Lastly, the article “Putin versus civil society” by Leon Aron claims that many Russians sought for a better future for the younger generations (64). Many of the Russian society, most middle class fought for a real democratic government, Also many...

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