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Our Constitutional Government Describe Some Facts About Each Branch Of The Government.

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In the Legislative Branch is the Bicameral Legislature with the House and Senate and their

Duties and Jobs are to Enact, abolish, or amend laws and Establish Tax Policies. Their Special Duties are Impeachment for House Charges and Senate Trials. They also Confirm appointments by the President: Only the Senate may confirm them. Even then, only the US Supreme Court Justices can truly confirm them. Only the Senate can ratify treaties with other nations.

For the Legislative Process, first the Bill is introduced by a legislator (and only by a legislator), then the Bill is given a title, a number, and is read 3 times. Then the Bill is assigned a committee in the House to be studied, Bill is studied and passed by a committee in the house, and the Speaker of the House assigns a calendar date for the Bill. Afterwards, The Bill is debated and voted on the Floor of the House. Majority vote is needed for Passage. Then The Bill goes to the Senate and is now "engrossed." Later on, the Bill is given a title, a number, and is referred to a committee in the Senate. Then the Bill is studied and passed by the committee in the Senate. The President of the Senate assigns a calendar date for the bill to be debated on the floor of the Senate. If it is Passed, the bill is "enrolled" and sent to the governor. The governor signs or does nothing to the bill and it becomes law. The governor can either sign, veto, or do nothing to the Bill.If the Bill does not pass or is vetoed, the Sponsor of...

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