Our Society Is Overly Obsessed With Beauty

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Our society is overly obsessed with beautyToday, the world, the people and different issues has changed a lot comparing to what it used to be like 50 and even 100 years ago. Everybody seems to have their own world and everybody has something that's significant to them. In children's case it could be toys, in men's case it's mostly sports and obviously in women's case it's all about beauty. But what is beauty? It's about how you look in general and especially about how your makeup is done, what kind of clothes you're wearing and mostly your body shape. In my point of view I really believe that beauty is becoming way more important than it should be and that society is overly obsessed with it nowadays which is not necessarily a very good thing.First of all, money could make a big influence when we're talking about beauty. When you go to Target, Wal-Mart or a drug store haven't you noticed that there's always at least 5 shelves with different beauty products? You could easily find ten different makeup brands, thousands of different nail polish colours, skin care products, hair products and many more. Personally, I don't wear a lot of make up because I don't feel the need to and when I do, I don't put more than five products on my face. A year I most probably spend $40 on makeup and beauty products, but not everybody else does. As the website www.thegloss.com says it : "The report, Beauty at any Cost, noted U.S. women spent some $7 billion a year, or an average of about $100 each, on cosmetics and beauty products." In fact, I know people that spend a lot more money on beauty products than the average.Furthermore, girls always try to make ranks about who's the most beautiful and who's the ugliest and hearing people talking about it just makes me sad and disgust me that we live in a society that your looks matter more than our personality. For...

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